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Painting sooner than I expected

May 28th, 2009 No comments

I wasn't expecting to get back to painting in the very near future.  That's why I felt safe in using the area on, around and by the paint table as temporary storage.

But things changed and now I guess I'm running a demo of the game of Warlord on Friday.  And one of my demo armies doesn't have painted bases.

Yes.  I can use them without painted bases.  But they're just not as cool!

So I dug out the paint table and drenched the bases in the shadow color.  Once that dries it will be a quick matter to drybrush up the rest of the colors.  I do want to put seaweed on them (undead pirates, etc.) but that's not 100% necessary and I'd rather get them painted and sealed for play.

I'm also playing with the idea of adding a highlight to the base edges in the army color.  Nothing too fancy, just another way to easily identify the pieces on the table.  Of course one of my far more detailed painter friends took that to mean that I was going to gem the bases.

For those not in the know, to 'gem' something is to paint in the manner of a gemstone.  Reflecting light and all that.

I wasn't planning on going that far for demo army bases but I will try one with the highlight edges and see what that looks like.

Base coat is on and drying.  I touched up the spot on the crab where primer got on the underside of the claw.  So they're set for the evening.

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Flowers and distractions

May 24th, 2009 No comments

Here's a flower pic for Spike.  We're in the 'everything is green' phase of the garden right now but the tulips were quite nice this year.

Yes, we did get the house painted so it doesn't look like that any more.

I'm getting edgy to pick up a paint brush again but I have a couple of other non-mini projects I want to complete before I do that.  And after those I HAVE to finish that arena I'm painting up for a friend.  Only then can I paint minis.  Unless I join the Illinois painters for their Friday paint night because going to paint night without painting is rather silly.  But that's an overnight plan since it goes late into the night and I don't want to drive back in the wee hours of the morning.

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Post ReaperCon and back to the real world

May 21st, 2009 No comments

I crashed once I got my butt in my seat on the flight home.  I woke up for beverage service and on landing.  I guess I was tired.

Monday evening was spent watching the last 2 episodes of Bones.  Now we have to wait until fall to find out what they're going to do.  You know it was a good season ending when both of us yelled out "No!" at the very end.

I'm not painting anything right now as I get back into the groove of things.  I have ideas but I need to step back after the overwhelming event that is ReaperCon.  I've been getting better about it but I don't paint for at least a week after the convention.

Mr. Rastl has taken this camping trip on his own.  I'm in the 'coming down with a cold' phase of life, he's unemployed now and wanted to get up there well before I could get out of work, and this is more his type of camping weather anyway.  He also spent last weekend at a convention with a friend and let's just say he needs a little time alone.

I'm kind of unpacked and all my pewter ended up getting shipped because something I bought wouldn't fit into my luggage if I also wanted to bring back my clothes.  And I realized I never made the last trip into the Boneyard to get the items that were being cast.  Oh well.  They weren't that important.

I'm working on some sewing projects but those are in a different blog so I won't be detailing them here.  This is for my gaming hobby so if you want to discuss sewing and stuff click on the link to the right for the FashionAeons blog.  If not, don't go.  This way you have the option.

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ReaperCon – Day 4

May 18th, 2009 1 comment

And so it ends.  Not with a bang but with an auction!

I got there late because I'm a big slacker.  With a hangover.  And no breakfast because I got up late and it seems most fast food places are closed Sundays.  Or at least Sunday mornings.  Grr.  Sonic for breakfast.  I had avoided that all convention long by getting up reasonably close to on time and eating the hotel-provided breakfast.  Yay waffles in the shape of the state of Texas!

I spent the (rest of the) morning catching up with friends and then I got to play my usual role in the auction.  Flit and I display the items currently being auctioned so Heisler can keep things moving.  Obviously we alternate.  It's great to watch the auction from the front – I can see everything happening.

Note – the auction is for cool fun stuff and only uses the 'money' you earn by taking classes, playing games, etc.  So technically whatever you get is free!

It's all over now but the packing.

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ReaperCon – Day 3

May 17th, 2009 No comments

Yes, I know I'm posting on day 4.  That pretty much says it all.

I got my .. errrr ..  head handed to me in the Warlord tournament but I pretty much expected it.  I did have a darn fine lookin' army on the table, at least for a little while.  Pictures (thanks Spike!) will be forthcoming.

I'd tell you what I did the rest of the day but that tournament took me until mid-afternoon and the rest of the day is kind of a haze due to some very late rabble rousing.  I think we can stay in this hotel again next year.

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ReaperCon – Day 2

May 16th, 2009 No comments

Why am I recording this for posterity?  What foul acts will come back to haunt me?

Nothing I'll be writing here, let me tell you.

Today was rather like yesterday except that I did have a class.  This one was on painting red – one of the 5 most difficult colors to paint.  I learned a few things that might be interesting to try but overall I'm probably going to keep working with my 'quick and easy' methods.  They've worked this far.

I did get through my first batch of Boneyard selections.  Now I get to work on the next set, which includes all the lists for other people.  Those will be easier since there's very little choice involved – I'm working straight off the list.  My hands still get dirty.

I did try painting a water elemental tonight but my hands weren't cooperating for some reason so I gave that up.  Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow but I doubt it.

My first tournament round is at 9:00am – which is (check clock) less than 6 hours from now.  So with sleep, shower and food I'm going to be more than a bit tired and hung over in the morning.  This will either work to my advantage or I'm going to get spanked.  My money's on option 2.

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ReaperCon – Day 1

May 15th, 2009 No comments

Well, days 0 and 1 actually.

Last night was the Meet and Greet where we all hung around and chatted.  Actually we caught up with people, etc.  Reaper provides a very nice meal for everyone and it's a nice start to things.

Today was the first official day of the convention.  There was some confusion whether it started at 9:00am or noon.  The schedule shows that classes didn't actually start until noon but they opened the doors at 9 so people could register and buy tickets for classes.  And those of us slackers who just show up and don't leave.

What did I do today?  I didn't have any classes scheduled and my army is complete.  My plan was to spend some time at Paint and Take to try a few new ideas for painting and mostly hang around.


What I actually did was spend a lot of time talking to people, play test the rules for one of the games, and then spend a LOT of time picking my way through the Boneyard getting all the bits and bobs I wanted in exchange for the unwanted metal I shipped down.  Yes, a LOT of time since I wanted lots of little weapons off the sprues so I can use them in conversions and terrain.  That's very time consuming.  But as of today I'd say I'm around 95% done with the planned purchases (they needed to cast more of things that were gone) so tomorrow I'll get that finished up so I can do other things.

As with previous years there was much laughter and some of it was even at stuff that might be considered funny later.  We're already getting silly and it's only the first day.  I'm going to be quite amused by the rest of the weekend.

I did finally get to Paint and Take around 10:00pm and picked out a mini to paint but she didn't tell me what color she wanted to be so I stuffed her in my brush box and went off to talk to other people.  Go figure.

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So who’s surprised that I’m cranky?

May 12th, 2009 1 comment

First of all, the stores here aren't the same.  You would think that going into a Wal*****'s would result in the same products I have at home.  Heck no.  Which leads me into my rant.

Why can't I find unsweetened teas?  I know several companies that make them.  The stores carry the sweetened versions of them but I'll be darned if I can find one without HFCS or artificial sweeteners.  I don't want sweetened tea!  I want iced tea.  Plain, regular iced tea.  Is that so hard?  Down here, I guess it is.

I won't even get into the lack of brand of candy I wanted since that isn't nearly as annoying as the lack of a type of beverage.  I don't want to go to the grocery store and buy a multipack since I'm not at any one place long enough and at ReaperCon they have Sonic in and they will have unsweetened iced tea.  And with any luck they'll give us the same "pay once, drink all day" deal since this is stuff they just dump at the end of the day.  That's a nice deal.

On the mini scene I did get all the bases painted and the first coat of varnish on.  I'll put the second coat on tomorrow (today?) morning so they have all day to dry before I pack them back up.  One of the larger figures needs to be put back differently since her sword extends higher than the foam and it was slightly bent when I pulled her out.  That's not acceptable so I'll probably have to turn her on her side.

I did get craft paint to edge the bases and it took 3 coats before I was happy with the depth of color.  I grumbled a bit but realized I use at least 2 coats of the mini paint to do it so another coat of cheap craft paint isn't that bad.

The real problem is that I didn't think ahead about the availability of the color of static grass I wanted.  For whatever reason I thought I could find something close enough and dry brush the ends once I got to Reaper.  Yeah, silly me.  I ended up sending an urgent pleading e-mail to Skullcrafts asking for a small bag of the flame static grass so I can add it to the bases.  He'll have to send it to my next hotel so I get it.  I'd really like something less vibrant but Skully stopped doing the larger variety of colors so I'll take what he's willing to send me.

This army does look darn cool.  I'll try to get some pictures while they're in play so people can see just how cool they look.

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It’s hot down here

May 11th, 2009 No comments

I'm built for cold and while the weather is warming up nicely at home I'm not really happy with the big jump in temperature and humidity down here in Texas.  And the hotel pool is closed.

I've been having a nice visit with my dad and will spend some time visiting the neighbors tomorrow.  I probably won't spend as much time at my dad's place as I did today since we tend to run out of topics for conversation.

Tonight I was able to paint up the bases of the bulk of the dwarf army.  I forgot to toss black paint in the bag so I'll get a bottle of craft paint while I'm out.  It's just to edge the bases so it doesn't really need to match anything.

I thought I had some orange static grass but I was mistaken.  I did bring some orange lichen but I'm going to hit the local hobby store and see if they have the static grass.  I can't drybrush it to my color idea but that's OK as long as I can get it attached.  I don't have the orange paint with me anyway.  I was planning on doing that finishing touch at Reaper anyway.  I'd just prefer static grass to lichen.

Not too much else to report.  Travel (with a bonus flight delay!), catching up with dad, discovering the hotel doesn't have much to do and a very odd breakfast buffet.

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Ready … Set … Go!

May 9th, 2009 3 comments

I'm packed.  Mr. Rastl will double-check my packing ability in the morning but as of now I'm saying that I'm done except for a charger that's currently in use.  And the phone being charged.

The one thing that makes me sad is I can't find the little pack of dice I got with the AD&D 3.5 starter kit.  I've used those as my special travel dice for a little while now and if I can't find them (which I won't unless I'm REALLY lucky) then they become regular dice.  All things must end, I know.

I was able to stuff everything into a single checked bag so the only thing I'm carrying on the plane is my computer bag full of the stuff I won't check.  And one of the bulky, heavy things stays in Texas so there's going to be room for trinkets.  But I'll probably be shipping those back anyway.

The weather forecast is a bit stormy but I'm hoping it clears up.  Both my hotels have outdoor pools and hot tubs.  Not exactly where you want to be when the lightning starts.  And Texas doesn't heat pools.  Which is fine for the summer but way chilly in May.

But rain means a better reason to stay where it's dry and finish painting those bases.  It's a trade off.

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