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No time to take pictures!

October 29th, 2009 No comments

I brought the camera to OshCon but didn't get to take pictures since I was playing in the demos.  Oh well.

And I can't really take pictures right now because the minis aren't accessible.

I promise that as soon as I can I'll get them posted.  They're way cool.

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So tired …

October 7th, 2009 No comments

But progress is being made!

I'm too busy painting to take pictures right now but between the stuff I had already done and the new miniatures I have enough for 4 demo armies.

I'm still finishing up the last ones.  5 of them need lining.  4 of them need shields attached.  All 5 of them need to be sealed.  The last one got a base coat tonight but he should be easy enough to paint.  Simple monster.

The 2 new factions aren't based, much to my shame.  I'll try but won't kill myself to get it done.  They're painted and that's most important to me.  The official rules say paint is optional but for demonstrations a painted army is best.

I will have to use some proxy figures but that's OK.  I need to remove some abilities since I'm sticking with straight melee.  I can still use the same figure, I just put a different data card with it.  Technically I'm breaking a rule with one faction by having the same data card and 2 figures but I'll deal with it.

I had to lower my demo armies from 400 to 350 points because of my own mistakes but that's still a nicely sized army for a demo.

The terrain is complete and I need to pull out 2 pieces of felt in 2 foot by 2 foot sizes.  That's the game board size.

I forgot that the round counters I wanted to use kind of belong in the gaming group and they are gaming this weekend.  So rather than take them out I'm making new ones for myself.  The first half of construction is done (drying) and tomorrow morning I should be able to do the final construction.  That will let me paint and seal in a timely manner.  Even sealing is optional for this time but I'd like to do it if I can.

I'll try to get pics of the demos in action since those are always cool pictures.  And I will get pictures of all the things I've painted up recently.

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