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Just what I needed

February 25th, 2010 No comments

That was kind of sarcasm.

The gaming group is really, really, really into historical gaming.  Napoleonics games to be specific.  And everyone seems to be painting up an army for the Lasalle rule set.  I was being good until I was handed a bag of crack early French so now I'll be painting up 15mm figures.  From what I've heard painting the 28/32mm stuff after painting 15mm is a piece of cake.

I also played my first game of Lord of the Rings this weekend.  That's another game the group is playing.  It's a fun skirmish system and I'll have to play a few more times to get a real feel for things.  The group has a couple of club armies so I don't have to invest right away.  Ditto on being loaned the rule book.

Tonight I'm going cold into a Meetup group for crafts.  It's a "stitch 'n bitch" meeting at a wine bar/coffee shop in downtown.  I think I'm going to stick to chai latte because I'm bringing tatting and that requires counting.  Wine and counting don't always work well together.

The apartment is in a holding state until I can get a few things and then take the time to start really sorting out the stuff in the small bedroom.  Of course that means the lack of boxes I've achieved in the living/dining room will be obliterated as I use that as a sorting area.  I can't win.  But I'm also not letting the stacks of boxes prevent me from inviting people over.  If I wait until things are done I'll be waiting a long time.

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I’m here!

February 7th, 2010 1 comment

So I made it to my new home.  As with the rest of the move all the pieces came together nicely so that I'm now sitting here surrounded by all my stuff.  And I already unpacked things that I packed merely days earlier.

Obviously it's gonna take me a while to get things in order.  I'm not going to rush this because I have a basic functionality set up and don't plan on inviting guests over immediately.  Ditto on buying new furniture (like, my combo computer desk/paint area).  I planned on waiting and can use the pieces I brought with me just for that reason.

On the negative side the kitchen is far smaller than anticipated.  This does not bode well for someone with a number of handy small appliances.  I'll probably set up a small shelf unit in the (small) storage closet for the ones I use less often.

Today I will have to hit the store to get a couple of essential items.  One was missed during the move and the other was easier to replace than to bring with.  I'll be window shopping for other things as well.  Setting up a new home can be fun!

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