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Just a quick post for a link

March 26th, 2010 No comments

My overload of Hirst molds came up in a forum discussion and someone was looking for the link to my web page.  Yes, I have enough molds that I made a web page to keep track of them.  Sad really.

Rastl’s Hirst Arts Mold List

And I’m probably going to be adding to the number I own in the near future.  It’s not my fault!  Honest!


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Where did Rastl go?

March 20th, 2010 1 comment

To answer in the third person, Rastl has been trying to make a home out of her apartment.

Enough of the third person already.

My place is still a maze of boxes in most areas but I'm slowly working on resolving that.  Now that I have a little extra cash in the ol' bank account I can do this.

First off was my bathroom, since I could do an immediate change with relatively small output.  The plan was to get all of the necessities in neutrals/whites and then I could do accents as I like.  So that's what I did.  I bought white towels, white rugs, white soap dish and toothbrush holder, and basic silver shower curtain hooks (with a nifty but subtle silver ball on the visible side).

With the basics out of the way I chose my details – fishies!  I got a lovely, bright shower curtain and a hand towel to have the accent.  I decided against getting any other accessories because I didn't want to make the room look too cutesy.  It's way too small for that.

And now, my fishie bathroom!

This one is slightly overexposed as I quickly tried to de-yellow it.

The white really does make the room look larger and uncluttered and it puts the focus on the colors.

The added bonus to all the white is I can bleach them to heck and gone to KEEP them white.

Today I'm picking up the kitchen cart so I have more counter and cabinet space.  The Awesome Mixer will be on the cart so I can see it every day.  I still have more small appliances than storage so I'll get a set of shelves for the storage closet and put the less commonly used ones there.  Hopefully this combination will mean I can get the kitchen moved to the "done" column.

I listed my bed for sale and already have some interest.  I need it gone before I can get a new one, which means at least a few nights of sleeping on the couch.  The dogs hate that.  One of my friends is "cursed with always knowing where to put the ottoman" so I'm enlisting their help in not only buying the bed (knows all the local stores) but in arranging the room.  I emptied one box of stuff yesterday but that was easy – all shoes.  The other box which also contains shoes contains a lot of my jewelry and accessories so it had to stay packed for at least another day.

After all that I have to look into the small bedroom and just what I can do to make it a usable space.  I really, really, really want to sew and can't do that until there's room enough for the equipment.  Storing the supplies for the miniatures hobby will also be a problem and I'm considering something modular (and white) to put into the dining area to hold those.  Since that's where my paint table already resides it makes sense.  Of course the modular (and white) storage would need doors to make it look decent enough for when company comes over.

Are you seeing the "white" theme going on here?

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