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Some work in progress shots

April 20th, 2010 1 comment

The colors are tinted yellow even after correction so they're not quite as vivid as in person.  The blue is really a nice blue-green that I love.  I'll have true color pictures when they're painted.

I'm making this army for the ReaperCon Warlord tournament.  I know, I know.  I've been painting dwarves like a fiend but didn't want to field them this year.  And then there's the troop of battle nuns.  But those are for later.  This year, elves take the field.

Obviously the armor isn't nearly done yet.  The plan is to pick out some details with a thinned metallic blue and then wash all the silver with green liner.  That should get me the blue-green to match the dominant color in the minis. I'm a big fan of color washing my silvers.

I got myself all confused by trying to work blues and greens into the colors to go along with that blue-green I like so much.  For the record, it's the Ocean Triad by Reaper.  I love using it as a skin tone too.  But I digress.

A friend of mine helped me talk colors and that's why almost everything else is a neutral.  The leather is a red-brown but not heavily so.  Mr. Color Wheel says it's the compliment of my blue-green and I think it looks pretty darn good.

I did spend a good chunk of tonight fixing and cleaning up the work I did here with inadequate lighting.  My paint table lamps has been packed away, along with the chair I've used for over 20 years at my work tables.  Excavating in the small bedroom resolved both of those issues.  The lamps are yellow shifted but I don't use them for picking colors so it's all good.

I also got most of the rest of the army based and primed in the last couple of days.  The last pieces are on order so I'll be painting like a fiend for the next few weeks.  I need this to keep myself occupied.

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April 17th, 2010 No comments

I get to be a tease once in a while.  OK.  I get to tease as much as I want.

Tomorrow I'm going to be playing at least one demo game of Warlord with the game group here.  I'll have my "normal" demo armies but have also put together a couple of slightly larger, more complex armies.  These guys are experienced gamers so after getting the basic rules out of the way I think we can move on to the more fun stuff.

On a related note I plan on testing a 500 point Dwarf army, since I need one to kick some orc butt.  Yes Spike, I'm smack-talking your precious green overgrown goblins.

I'm going to try to take pictures for battle reports but it all depends on how the games go.  Battle reports are fun.

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Just what the heck do I have?

April 9th, 2010 No comments

I did pack up all my minis for the move but now I need to sort out the armies so I know what to acquire at ReaperCon.  This is not as easy as it seems.  Luckily most of them are still in their blisters so sorting is relatively (hah!) easy.  Please note the number of boxes below.

The storage container at the very top is one of three that I have, filled with minis both in packaging and not.  In one of the three is an assembled and primed elf army.  This isn't even considering all the painted dwarves I have.

If you count along with me you'll see 7 boxes on the floor.  Add dwarves for 8.  And there's a mini-faction that isn't represented here for 9.  So far.  I might find another faction lurking in a storage container before this is over.

Once I have them sorted out I'm taking a page from a friend's book and making a "list" of what I have.  You'll notice the quotes around the word list there.  I actually made an Access database with the Reaper product list so I can do some reporting on these armies.  I'd really not like to have to look at a box and ask myself "now what's in here again?".  Again.

These are all armies for the Reaper Warlord game and they put out new rules, new data cards and there's a new command structure.  I know I'm light on command figures.  The question is just how much.

I'll report back as to what my findings are.

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Little tiny metal men

April 3rd, 2010 1 comment

The game club got me into historicals by offering me a free brigade (aka – the "Bag o' Crack") so I had something in hand.  Yeah.  I bought the Lasalle rulebook already and found out I need to get a LOT more minis to make up my army.  ~sigh~  Like I didn't see that coming.

Luckily these guys have painted a lot of 15mm minis so they're more than willing to provide reference material and help.  It's a bit funny to see half a dozen people sitting around a large table, each of them with 50 to 200 figures being painted at the same time.  That's a lot of little tiny metal men.

They're glued to the jumbo craft sticks, which are about tongue depressor size.  That might give you an idea of scale.

They're based mostly in 8 models per infantry base and then differing numbers depending on what else they are.  I don't have any artillery yet.  Those get even more interesting since you have one set that are limbered (hooked up to the horses and can move) and unlimbered (shooting at things).  It doesn't seem to end.

Tomorrow my goal is to get the coats done on everyone, including the facings.  Those are going to be red.  The rest of the uniforms are white.  Tell me, who puts armies in the field wearing mostly white??  Oh yeah, Napoleon.

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