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Prepping is done

July 30th, 2010 No comments

Dedication is a wonderful thing.  A number of army painters will recommend against doing what I just did, because it can be discouraging to see the overwhelming number of minis to be painted.  I wanted to get all this out of the way.  I plan on painting them in batches and then being able to mix up my battalions because of that.

I know, I know.  At this scale the variety really isn't that visible.  But it is to me and that's all that matters.

Here's how it works.  I need 8 battalions.  Each stick holds 8 minis.  So I can paint each 8 the same except for the battalion designation.  Those will go one per mini per stick.  I can do the bulk of the army painting the regular style then just do the battalion designations across sticks.  Poms and plumes are quick paints.

On to pictures.

This is the command figures and the skirmishers.  Total of 24 skirmishers, 8 eagle bearers, 8 drummers, and 3 sub-commanders.  I had to break up some of the organization to make it fit on the bookcase.

More command figures.  6 mounted generals, 8 mounted commanders, 8 aides de camp (I think), and 64 grenadiers.

Regular infantry. 104 advancing fusiliers.

More regular infantry.  96 fusiliers.

So that brings the minis so far to 329 and that's just the core infantry.  I think I've got too many of the fusiliers but I'd rather have too many than not enough.  The mounted generals were just because I had them, I was prepping and priming minis and they might be a fun break to paint.

My paints are on order yet.  I'm using Reaper Pro Paints for the bulk of these.  The paints are vinyl based so they cover very well in one coat.  Very important in painting this many minis.  And I'm planning on painting in what I call "cartoon style" so the colors are very vivid and stand out well on the table.  With so many of them bunched up together the subtle stuff gets lost.  One of the club guys has his painted that way and I really liked it.

While waiting for the uniform color paints I'm going to work on skin and hair this Saturday.  That is easy enough – base coat and wash.  I don't even know if I'm going to do the highlight since I'm going to try moving away from the dark brown wash to the lighter, more reddish flesh wash.  I'm also going to be just a little OCD and paint each stick with a different color of hair.  That also gets a simple wash.  I know it shouldn't show much from a distance but I'll know and when someone picks up a stand of minis it will look like I made a lot more effort than I did.

The next shots should show paint on the minis.  Primer is not a color!

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Prepping an army

July 29th, 2010 1 comment

Like I don't have enough armies.  Previously I showed some 15mm I was painting.  Now I've got most of the rest of the army and have been prepping like crazy while I've got some time and the need to do repetitive tasks.  I'm still waiting on the paints I want but I've got painting I can do until they come in.  French Conquest is pretty easy – red, white and blue.

Here's slightly less than half of my line infantry.

Each stick holds 8 minis and there's 12 sticks.  It should have been 11 sticks but I had enough for one more and I would rather have too many prepped than not enough.  I still need to do at least 10 more sticks of regular infantry.  Yes, I need a total of 232 minis for my battalions.

Here's a combination of my Grendadiers (need more), drummers and eagle bearers.  The drummers and eagle bearers all belong to the command unit – there's enough of those.  Yes, I have 8 battalions to do.

And finally the skirmishers (done) and the horses for the commanders and possibly sub-commanders.  I'm not sure if I'm using those horses or if I have other ones for the sub-commanders.  I need to dig through the unprepped stuff and see what's there.

Hrm.  The last stick of skirmishers at the bottom didn't seem to be in the picture.

Let's total up.

  • Line Infantry – 96
  • Grenadiers – 24
  • Drummers – 8
  • Eagle bearers – 8
  • Skirmishers – 32
  • Commanders and Sub-Commanders (we'll count as half since the riders aren't attached) – 12

Grand total – 180 prepped minis.

Next up is the remaining line infantry.  So that's another 88 or 96 minis, depending on how many I prep.  Or maybe 80.  I'm hoping there's more Grenadiers in that set since I need another 40 to fill out the battalions.

For those who don't know the Lasalle rules a battalion consists of 4 stands, 8 minis each for 32 minis per battalion.  With one exception.  There's 3 stands of 8 infantry and 1 command stand of a mounted commander (counts as 2 minis), a drummer, an eagle bearer and 4 infantry.  Mixed in with the 28 infantry are 8 Grenadiers.

I need a total of 8 battalions since I'm playing French.  We get 2 additional battalions when we attack.  This is before the French turned into cheese eating surrender monkeys.  Along with a regimental battery (artillery – 3 cannons and 1 howitzer) that makes up my core force.  Of course the artillery needs to be modeled and painted as both limbered (hitched to horses) and unlimbered (unhitched and about to cause havoc) so essentially it needs to be painted twice.

Let's do more math for a total core division.

6 Veteran Infantry – 20 line infantry, 8 Grenadiers, 4 Skirmishers 1 drummer, 1 eagle bearer, 1 commander, 1 horse
1 Regimental Battery – 3 cannons, 1 howitzer (unlimbered with 12 crew); 3 cannons and 1 howitzer (limbered with 6 horses and 3 riders/drivers)
2 Veteran Infantry (attacking only) – 20 line infantry, 8 Grenadiers, 4 Skirmishers 1 drummer, 1 eagle bearer, 1 commander

Now this is where I start sobbing.

6 Veteran Infantry – 120 line infantry, 48 Grenadiers, 24 Skirmishers 6 drummers, 6 eagle bearers, 6 commanders, 6 horses
1 Regimental Battery – 6 cannons, 2 howitzers, 12 crew, 6 horses, 3 riders/drivers
2 Veteran Infantry – 40 line infantry, 16 Grenadiers, 8 Skirmishers 2 drummers, 2 eagle bearers, 2 commanders, 2 horses

Grand total of minis for the core division:

  • Line infantry – 180
  • Grenadiers – 64
  • Skirmishers – 32
  • Drummers – 8
  • Eagle bearers – 8
  • Commanders – 8 on horses
  • Cannons – 6
  • Howitzers – 2
  • Artillery crew – 12
  • Limbered horses – 6
  • Limber drivers/riders – 3

Total of minis for the division.  I'm counting the commanders and horses as separate minis for painting purposes even though they create a single mini.

Total – 337

Sound bad enough?  There's 2 different support divisions as well.  Cavalry and artillery.  Light cavalry is 32 mounted figures and artillery.  Dragoons are 32 mounted minis and artillery.

Oh yeah – I need a commander and 3 sub-commanders.  So that's another 5 mounted minis.

Grand total is around 445 miniatures and if I want to do casualty disruption markers I'll need 15 of those as well.  I can use dice for that but it's not nearly as cool.

This is why you don't count up the number of minis in a historical game.

On the plus side I've got them on the sticks so that I can paint up the 99% that's the same on every one.  The last 1% is the color of the pom/plume to designate the different battalions.  I plan on breaking an army painting rule and not do the same color pom/plume on each stick.  I'm hoping to do some variation in hair and skin color per stick so making each stick one of each battalion will spread those around.  I like a little variety on the battlefield.

Let's hope the weather holds and I can get these primed.  I'm going to prime white since so much of the uniform is white and I want the bright colors for the uniforms. That and my grey primer has been hijacked.

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My life, as it were

July 27th, 2010 No comments

I'm currently quite peeved.  My apartment complex is going to be renovating all the "old" low rise buildings in the complex.  While this is a good thing it isn't for me since they're starting with my building.

I was informed the week of 2010-07-19 that they're starting construction on 2010-08-01 and I need to be out of the apartment by then.  Thanks for the warning, dudes.  I had heard this through the grapevine but wanted to see what assistance they would give the tenants that wanted to stay and had leases.  I'm both.

The apartment isn't anything special.  It's small, not a lot of storage, tiny kitchen and some other inconveniences.  But it's got a fenced full patio and I don't need a lot of room for myself.  If I could I was perfectly willing to move to a temporary apartment and then move back into the spiffy new one when it was done.

Alas, the management doesn't seem to want this.  The conditions for staying are to pay for my own move to a different unit, pay another deposit, then pay for my move back to the original apartment.  I get the current rent until my lease is up and there's a few hundred dollars "incentive" but overall the plan is to clear out the existing tenants and "bring in a different class" of tenants to the renovated apartments.  Yes, that's what the higher level of management said.

I did find a different and better apartment for about what the new rent would be.  I move there near the end of next month.  While I ultimately gain from this the entire process really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Here's the good part.  In my notice letter I said that I expected the return of my full pet deposit instead of just the half that was refundable.  It's kind of difficult for them to make a case for damages when they're gutting the entire building.  Just like they said they were going to charge cleaning fees.  Again, cleaning what?  The countertops they're throwing away?  They also seem to have conveniently forgotten the 'normal wear and tear' that's part of the laws here.  They can't charge for carpet cleaning if it isn't filthy.

About half of my stuff is still in boxes.  Before anyone gives me the stink eye about that after living here for almost 6 months let me explain.  Almost all the craft supplies were going to stay in the plastic bins so they were never actually getting unpacked.  And when I was getting around to reorganizing the sewing room so it was useful I found out about this so there was no point to it.  Why unpack hundreds of books just to pack them again?  There will be some packing to do but doing a short cross-town move is much easier than a cross-country move.

A couple of the guys from the game club have offered to help me and I think all of the things I want to move myself will easily fit into an SUV on one trip.  The move cost is really reasonable and right where I expected it to be.  Licensed and insured mover, thank you very much.  I don't have a lot of furniture and I also thinned out a lot of stuff when I got here so there's less to move.  Overall this is a minor headache but I'm really peeved about the situation in general.

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July 5th, 2010 No comments





Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.

OK, so anything that has the "Contact us for a price quote" really means "If we put the price on the web site you would choke" but I had to find out.  Luckily 99.999999999999999% of the people who would want this are male so they probably don't have female patterns and I can get some info out of them, such as the embroidery designs.

Looking over the other prices I know that it's going to be completely outrageous but seriously worth it for the amount of work in it.

And I really like that if you need a close fitting you have to visit them in Brittany.

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