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My new home

March 31st, 2011 1 comment

I’m putting it all together on my web site so that I know where the heck everything is.  I had blogs all over the intarwebz and now they’ll all be here.  And because I like you I’m keeping two very distinct hobbies separate.  Feel free to check out the costuming one if you’re interested but only the miniatures, terrain and some random musings will be on this one.

Now, if you’ve been wanting to blog but know you just don’t have the time or interest in putting a lot of posts out there let me know and I’ll gladly let you on mine so you can post away whenever you like and get the info out.  I’m not saying I’ll host a completely new blog for you – there’s plenty of free sites for that.  But if you’re a very random poster we can chat about adding you onto mine.

I’m working on a file upload gallery so that the pictures are hosted “here” too but permissions are giving me a headache.  It would be nice to have a gallery of some kind.  I wonder if WP has a plugin…

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Decisions, decisions

March 24th, 2011 No comments

I pared down my hobby supplies a LOT in the first move, not so much in the second, and somewhat while I’m doing this unpacking.  That means the very questionable stuff is long gone.

Now I’m dealing with “The Rest”.  I have supplies for building larger pieces of terrain, but I’m not really building larger pieces of terrain.  So do I store them, if I have room, or do I donate/sell them and deal with possibly replacing as needed?

Overall I’m doing really well at condensing and sorting out various craft supplies.  I’m on the prowl for a plastic 7 drawer storage unit since 4 of the drawers are shallow and therefore are useful.  I already have plans for the deeper ones.  I hope to have one this weekend and can do the closet rearranging to make it fit.  Then I would certainly have space for the stuff.  I think I have room for a lot of it in the new storage units.

The real question is whether or not I should keep these things with no clear purpose in mind.  I’m keeping all the tools so that’s not even a question.  I can replace supplies easily enough.  Replacing tools is more difficult.

I want to get this settled this weekend so that the boxes/bins are out of my living room.  They’re currently residing there because I moved them out of the second bedroom/sewing room/computer room so I could sort them out and be done with them.  And I’m very tired of seeing boxes in my living room.

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Why oh why?

March 16th, 2011 No comments

Free does not always mean “good for me”.  The game club is starting into Warhammer 40K and I didn’t want to make the investment.  Until I literally got a carload of eldar and high elves (for fantasy) as part of an estate.  So I now I have the makings of at least one army.

Why is this bad?  It’s one of the only factions that doesn’t have set color schemes.  You get to pick your own.  Oh, they suggest them but I never like using canon colors unless required.  So now I have to make up color schemes for each freakin’ troop.

Reading the codex and I’ll be getting a basic copy of the rules tomorrow.  And if I don’t have other plans this weekend I’ll be sorting out what’s in the boxes and making lists.  Then I can start looking into army lists and what I will need to fill in the gaps.  A small investment is fine – a large one is not.  And I also get to strip and repaint them all.  Woo?