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Where’s the new stuff?

April 20th, 2011 No comments

Um, there isn’t any?

As posted previously I’ve been working more on getting my apartment in order.  That’s still the case.  I hit a bit of a slump but will get back on it soon enough.  I can’t stand looking at the disorder much longer.

I’m also almost finished selling things on eBay (yay bidding wars!) so that means I can get rid of the boxes really soon as well.

I might have another week off when I can focus on getting this all done and not whine any more.  Without the pressure of trying to organize I will be able to relax and have fun.

There’s a very, very good chance I’ll be spending a week in AZ for work and I’ll bring the 15mm with me since I’ll probably have evenings with nothing much to do.  Might as well paint minis.  Now that I’ve got my portable light it’s practical.  Trying to paint using hotel lamps is just silly.

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Getting so much closer!

April 14th, 2011 No comments

So I emptied more boxes, one more plastic bin and took a box of things over to the thrift store.  That *should* be the last of it, except for the Christmas stuff.  But I knew that.

I did find the last 2 boxes of things my dad brought up years ago and went through them.  One of them was baby stuff so that was easy to put in the thrift store box.  The other one had all kinds of old birthday cards, report cards and other miscellaneous clippings from when I was growing up.  It was interesting to read over the old report cards.  Seems like more than a few of my teachers were frustrated that I got good grades without much effort.  Back in the day they graded those separately – achievement and effort.  So I’d get an A in achievement but a B or so in effort.  Um, if I’m getting an A does it really matter that it was easy for me?  I had a lot of “could apply herself to excel” in the comments.  And the standardized test results always had me way up in the 90th percentiles.  I think my lowest was a 92.

Regardless it’s done.  I have the rest of the things to put on eBay and a couple of things to put on Craigslist.  I did put 2 of them up today – hot press embossing film rolls that my mom had (great for crafts!) and my wedding dress.  It was time.  It’s been cleaned and packed in a box for years and I’ve moved it around out here without quite knowing what to do with it.  I removed the veil from the really spiffy hairclip so I have that to wear.  But the dress is simply taking up room and I would rather someone else use it.

With the dress and the 3 large plastic bins of Christmas things gone (I think I’ll end up with one large-ish bin left) my storage closet will have more than enough room for the things I want to put in there.  And when that happens I can say my life has been tidied up as much as it can be, my apartment is as uncluttered as I can make it and that I’m done sorting through my life.

I’ve been very, very good about not accumulating more.  Unless I have an immediate need for something it doesn’t get purchased.  If I have to dust it, I don’t need it.  That’ really helps keep the clutter down.

With the new way I have the dining area I can finally move the dog crate from the end of the couch to tucked in front of the washer/dryer next to the paint table.  It really opens up the space and I can leave the door open for the dogs if they want to curl up in there.  It opened up the room nicely.

I still have a pretty good sized stack of empty (broken down) boxes and until I’m done with the rearranging stuff I’m holding onto them.  It would really be annoying to give them away and then find out I need a couple of boxes.  I don’t think it’s going to happen because of all the empty plastic bins I have now but I will be mailing out all the things from eBay and some of them are bulky enough to justify using smaller boxes.

To recap.  The last of the boxes of personal items have been sorted.  The last box of things has gone to the thrift store.  Auctions are continuing for things of value I no longer need or want.  Craigslist is being used for the items best sold locally.  The Christmas items will be sorted and purged, just not quite yet.

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