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It’s an addiction..

May 28th, 2011 No comments

I swear I just can’t help myself.  When I see a nifty porcelain palette I must have one.  I must.  Obviously if it’s one I can’t or won’t use then I can resist but if there’s even a chance that I’ll use it I must have it.  Since they’re functional items and I don’t get the ones I can’t use it’s not all bad, is it?  Is it?

Anyway.  I have 3 new palettes on their way to my stash, err, home.

I saw someone using this fabu traveling palette when I was at ReaperCon.  He ordered it from Amazon and then I ordered all that were in stock.  No, I’m not going to hoard them.  They were simply too cool not to share and already I have 3 of the 4 “extras” sold to fellow club members.  And the last one will go quickly to someone who doesn’t follow our forum.

Note the very nifty lid which can double as a quick wet palette if you carry a few pieces of baking parchment.  Handy, isn’t it?  It measures about 3 x 4 inches so it’s quite portable.  With the addition of a rubber band, I think.

Next on the block is the big one for when I’m working with lots of colors.  I don’t know if this one will travel or not.  I do need something that stays on my paint table more regularly.

This sucker has, count them, 28 wells and a large area for washes or a teeny wet palette if you’re into that kind of thing.  It’s more of a beast at 7 1/2″ by 6″ so I think it’s going to become my at-home palette.

Then, because I saw them and couldn’t resist (addition, remember?) I got these nifty little suckers.

I honestly don’t know how useful they will be.  They’re 3 3/4″ in diameter and stack up to about 4 1/2″ including the lid.  The height of the stack makes them a little iffy to transport but again they might turn out to be very useful for army painting or other things that need a lot of paint in few colors.  Rubber band for these as well.

To round out the order I picked up some more brushes.  I’ve been meaning to order another Size 1 and kept forgetting so I got that and a few different brands of Size 2, just to see what I like.  I did that with Size 0 only to find they’re too small to really compare.  So I splurged.  Then added another brush to get a discount.  I think it ended up as a wash cost-wise but if you think about it I got a free brush.  Makes my head hurt too.

The big palettes are on back order so I don’t know when that order will show up.  The covered palettes should be here sometime soon and I’m looking forward to trying it out.  It may end up as a permanent part of my travel kit.  Right now I have a regular 12 well palette that I take with me but occasionally pull out for my paint table.  And to clean.

Oh, um.  I forgot that I got one of these too.

It’s a bit large at 9″ but I can see using it for some of the minis I paint with lots of dabs of color and for terrain when I need more paint on the palette.  Yes, those are complete justifications for buying yet another palette.

So now you know.  I’m a palette junkie.  If you know of any other cool palettes please put the links in the comments so I can spend more of my hard earned money on them.

FYI – everything except that first covered palette is from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff if you’re interested in what else they have to offer.

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Oh come on people!

May 8th, 2011 No comments

I’m just starting painting a Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Eldar army and I thought it would be good to start with Elites because there’s so few of them in a unit.  (Go ahead and insert a Beavis and Butthead laugh because I said “unit”.)

I decided on the Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors because, well, they were the first ones I grabbed out of the box.  After a nice bath in Purple Power to remove the previous paint they were ready to prep and prime.  Which has been done and they’re on sticks so I can paint them more easily.

Right.  Good.  Fine.

Mind you, these aren’t the most current version of the minis.  I got this army as part of the estate from a gaming club member who died a while ago.  So I’ve got what he had in the way of minis.  That’s why I’ve got Eldar.  And because I like painting gems.

So I’m getting started with the base coat and want to see what other people have done with the various and sundry parts of the minis.  I like using other people’s paint jobs as reference and ideas.  Google image search!

Um, yeah.  Lots of pictures of the front of them minis.  Not so much the back.  Yes I know that the front is the “pretty” part but if you’re going to post them please post a booty shot so that the entire mini is captured for posterity.  Get it – “booty shot” and “posterity”.  I crack myself up.  Or I need more/less caffeine.

I’m going to have to make my best guess at how to paint the backpacks.  It’s not like I can paint them incorrectly.  It was more a case of getting ideas and making sure that I got all the bits painted.

I’m taking them with on my trip for the new job.  With any luck I won’t have time to paint them but I prefer to err on the side of boredom.  Minis, brushes, paints (yes they fit in the approved bag size along with everything else) and a small lamp since hotel lighting is never quite good enough for mini painting.  If nothing else I can get the base coats on and maybe start moving up to the midtones.  They’re army minis but that’s no excuse not to make them pretty.