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15mm Napoleonics – Continued

June 26th, 2011 No comments

Now that I’m more involved with painting these things and how they’re based (Thanks John!) I’m sorting out the sticks so that I know just what I have to do.

The regiments have 4 stands each:

  1. 4 grenadiers and 4 fusiliers with green poms
  2. 4 fusiliers with blue poms and 4 fusiliers with orange poms
  3. Command stand  – 1 mounted commander (2 spaces), standard bearer, drummer, 4 fusiliers with red poms
  4. 4 voltiguers and 4 fusiliers with purple poms

Turns out the way I have them set up to be painted will work for painting parts of regiments at a time.  I’m a big fan of painting the same kind of minis in batches.  The only difference in the fusiliers is the color of the pom so I can paint 32 at a time (8 regiments of 4) at a time and then paint the poms to make a base.

I was going back and forth about mixing up the marching poses on the stands and decided on keeping the same pose per regiment.  With one exception – advancing fusiliers.

I have enough advancing fusiliers to make up 2 regiments with them in the front of the line.  That makes the configuration slightly different but not much.  Again, pom color makes the difference.

So here’s the sticks of fusiliers.  This is 5 regiments of fusiliers, as listed above.

Command figures – line commanders, drummers and fusiliers.  The standard bearers are carefully tucked away so they can get converted to holding their standards.

3 regiments of fusiliers are also on this flat.

Finally the skirmishers, grenadiers and voltigeurs.

I have stands left over from my original counts and prepping.  But I think that had a lot to do with me not completely understanding the way the game works.

You can see that some of these actually have paint on them.  The way I’m working I should have 6 of stand 1 (see above) ready to be based in the somewhat near future.  The other 2 need the advancing fusiliers that haven’t been painted.

Regardless with some work I can actually have MINIS ON BASES.  Yes, that’s an accomplishment.

My friend Brian gave me some great hints on how to do the basing but I need to get some flock first.  I do plan on getting the flock in the next day or five but I also have to finish painting the minis (damn straps) and then varnish them before basing.  So I have time.

I’ll post Brian’s basing method on the main website once I figure it out and get pictures of all the steps of the process.