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Running Games at Conventions

October 8th, 2011 1 comment

My game club has a discussion going right now about running games at the local conventions.  We haven’t really done so the last couple of times.

I had to cancel my games at the last one due to work pressures.  I was the only club member running games and mine isn’t a game the club actually plays but I put it as a club game since I’m a member and wanted our name in the program.

Because of this I really had to think about why I run games at conventions.  Canceling was a hard decision.

I don’t play games at the conventions.  I just prefer not to do so.  I don’t know or meet many people there.  Since those are the two main reasons to go to a convention it seems a bit of a waste to go just to run games and then leave.

In the balance I think I would much rather run my games at local stores.  I can support the stores and run games when I want to.  I’ve also got much more of a chance of getting to know people since I know where they hang out.

The game club has a harder decision since it has to do with relying on the members to put in the effort.   I don’t see myself running games for the club again.  I don’t know that I’ll run them at the conventions at all.

Discuss your thoughts on running games and where you like to run them.

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I’ve been challenged

October 2nd, 2011 1 comment

Well then.  Boardgame Colosseum from the Hirst Arts forum has presented me with a challenge.

He purchased a mold for me off my wanted list!  All he’s asking in return is that I start building stuff again.  Reasonable enough.

However the problem is that I haven’t thought of building in quite a while.  I’m not playing any games that require terrain (well, not playing any games at all to be honest) so I haven’t thought much about building.

I’ll start pondering a new project and if you’ve got any suggestions post them in the comments below.

Who knows.  Maybe this will break me out of my funk.

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