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Update without much content

September 22nd, 2012 2 comments

The subject warned you.

I finally bought an air compressor to go with the air brush I bought off Craigslist a while ago.  The airbrush is new and a pretty basic double action.  The compressor is a decent one.  I got very good deals on both of them which is only to be expected.  I want to try doing the base coat of my Hirst pieces with the airbrush to see if I can get one-coat coverage and not have to go back and do touchups like I have every time I’ve used a brush.  I also want to try doing the base coats of large minis.

I’ve been fairly active getting my business RastlWorld Minis going.  My two most difficult tasks are doing the research for new minis and finding enough sculptors to get them done.

Otherwise I haven’t been doing anything hobby-wise.

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