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Maybe some 15mm again?

October 30th, 2012 No comments

I finally gave in and bought a copy of Napoleon’s Battles from Lost Battalion Games.  This seems to be the baseline rules for Napoleonic games and there’s almost always a chance of getting a game going.

I barely got any of my 15mm based for Lasalle so rebasing for Nappy’s Battles won’t be much work.  Finishing painting however will be.

I’ve got some motivation to paint now that I have a goal.  If nothing else it would be nice to have them done and packed in travel cases.  It means ordering more bases since these are different sizes from Lasalle.  A Litko order is in the near future for me.  I’m still counting how many bases I’ll need.

I went back to one of my old blog posts since I knew I had done a breakdown of how many minis I had for this army.  It was better than digging them out and counting. Again.

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