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Why I sold my Reaper Vampire Kickstarter Box

Yes.  I was one of the people who joined the Reaper Kickstarter and ended up with a box of about 240 minis for $100.  Since I had very few add-ons my order shipped pretty early in the process.  There’s a lot of discussion on how the decided the order to ship them and I won’t get into that except that it makes very good logistical sense – easy orders to more complicated ones.

I looked at that box of minis for quite a while and finally realized that I don’t need a box of random minis.  There were groups of similar types of figures (elves, Pathfinder, etc.) but in the long run I stopped playing games where they would have been used and I don’t paint for the sake of painting any more.  I also don’t paint minis to sell.  I made the decision to sell the box.  This is an unpopular decision on the Reaper forums because: 1) the prices they sell for; 2) people haven’t received theirs yet; and 3) making a profit seems to offend people.

My vampire box sold for more than twice what I paid.  This covered all the extras I bought (mini cases and paint) and a bit extra.  So I did make a profit selling the box.  I don’t feel bad about it because I never pledged with the intention to sell like some of the others did.  I did an honest pledge and only after I received them did I think “Do I need this?”.  I didn’t.

Obviously I haven’t been open about selling.  I don’t want to be on the stink-eye list.  I did post the auction notice on another site and since there’s shared membership a few people know that I did it.  They haven’t outed me and I haven’t heard from them privately either.  I don’t want to say I dodged a bullet because that box of minis was mine to do with what I wanted and it turns out I didn’t want to keep them.

I have a couple of other bunches of minis I got from Kickstarter that will go into storage and probably never get paint love.  I may end up selling them at some point in the future if the return is good enough.  There’s KS limited edition minis in there which does help the price.  Right now they’ll stay in storage until I figure out what to do with them.

I miss painting for gaming.  I really do.  I miss being able to pull out figures for the guys trying to kill us and make it look better.  I’ve accepted that I probably will never be in that kind of game again.  The closest I will come is my dungeon crawl and even then they’re very specific figures and unless I change up the monster list it will be a static set of minis.

Anyway.  I sold it, I made a profit, I don’t feel bad.  I’m kind of relieved and happy that someone it went to someone who will appreciate it.  Eventually they should be for sale directly from Reaper but at a higher price than the auctions.  So I got a deal and the buyer got a deal.  Everyone wins.  Except the whiners who haven’t gotten their boxes yet and have some kind of moral objection to people selling them.  That’s their problem.

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