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DungeonBash is active again

Well, it will be soon.  I’m working on it!

Unfinished Minis

These are most of the unfinished minis.  OK.  Some of them.  I’ve got friends helping paint the monster and they have or are painting about 3/4 of them.  Props to Michelle B and Lyn S to doing this.

Painted Minis 01

Michelle painted most of these.  I did paint the player characters!

I’ve got a few 1 inch dungeon sections left to finish painting and one piece to repair from the last time I ran the game.  Nothing some epoxy won’t fix.

The most difficult part for me is getting all the new lists together.  There’s very few spells that are appropriate for a non role playing game.  Everything has to deal with combat.  I’m scouring the books looking for those spells.

I’ve got a nice deadline for play testing now.  One of the gamers here has been after me to run this for his group and we’ve settled on next Sunday.  I won’t have the final versions of anything since this is playtesting and we’ll be using empty bases for some of the monsters but that’s all part of the process.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the new game in progress.  Depending on how much time we have I hope to run a full game (2 hours) and then spend some time running encounters to see how they balance.

Yes!  Once I get it all worked out and after I’ve run it at the convention I’ll post all the rules.  I’ll even post the list of miniatures I used for the monsters for those who don’t want to hunt for them.  This is a fan derived work for DungeonBash (a copyrighted game) but I have permission to post it as such.  I’ve mangled the original game enough that I don’t think I have any problem meeting the guideline for a derivative work.

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