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Plastic Minis – Reaper Kickstarter Bones II

Yeah yeah.  Here’s the link.

I went in on their first one and got something like 240 minis for $100.  I added on a set of new paints, the KS Sophie, and 3 of the mini transport cases.

Since then I’ve sold the minis and 2 of the 3 cases.  I’ll be selling the last case when I get around to it.

So what happened?  Why did I get all that stuff and then turn around and sell almost all of it?

  • I looked at that box of random plastic minis and realized I had no use for them.
  • The case cutouts aren’t large enough to hold 98% of the minis I own.  That and there’s a problem with the glue used to hold the foam together.

After telling you this why would I post about the next generation of plastic minis?  Because it’s something that a lot of people will like.  Lots of inexpensive minis including large dragons for small prices.  They’re not going to be as detailed as the metal ones (proven, not supposition) but they don’t need to be primed and if you’re looking to build out your gaming minis it’s a fast way to get a lot of variety.

This one is going to be different from the first.  Reaper learned a lot of lessons.  But anyone outside the US (also abbreviated as ROW for “rest of the world”) should be concerned about shipping charges.  A lot of minis, even plastic ones, weigh quite a bit and postage has gone through the roof.  Some of the lessons they seem to have learned are: stagger the expected ship dates since there was a LOT of complaining about that; fewer minis in the pledge itself but available as an add-on expansion; fewer pledge levels – one for people who only want the add-ons and one for people who want the base box of minis; use a different vendor for their case foam (they’re not saying who provides it now).

The big question now is will I pledge on this one?  I already did and got a Wave 1 shipping pledge.  I have a couple of weeks to decide what I want to do.  I don’t want plastic minis – my armies will be metal for as long as it’s possible.  The paints in the add-ons are not ones I want.  I’m done with unknown cases.  I’m not adding to my pledge but I’m going to keep it in place for now.

I did the math earlier.  The base set is around $0.79 per mini.  The expansion is currently at around $3.75 per mini but with the ones that will be added very soon that drops to around $2.00 per mini.  The combined base (137) and expansion (24) (with the ones that aren’t quite unlocked yet) comes out at around $0.95 per mini.  Which is a good deal if you can use them.  There’s not a lot of new work here and even in the add-ons there’s almost nothing that isn’t in metal.

I’m holding out until the end.  I don’t think that I’ll be able to do the eBay sale like last time since so many people who wanted the first one have been able to join this one.  If they do end up with paints that I want the price would be half of retail with free shipping so I could drop to the $1 pledge and get that single item.  It doesn’t sound like there will be a KS special mini and they’ve already said no metal at all (she was metal last year, which makes sense).

Go.  Look.  Decide for yourself.  The pledges are slowing down dramatically since the first day but don’t let that discourage you.  Things pick up as new stretch goals are announced and as people start increasing their pledges to include more add-ons.  Of course there’s that race to the end as well.

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  1. DN
    October 25th, 2013 at 18:58 | #1

    Well thank god I’m not the only person who was disappointed in Reaper’s first kickstarter. And when I voiced my concerns about their shipping, I was *pounced upon* by the fanboys on their message boards.

    Also, couldn’t agree more with your assessment on the quality of the plastic minis vs. metal, while keeping in mind that it’s an inexpensive way to build out a set of minis. The only thing I’d take slight issue with is that I’ve found that painting the Bones minis without priming results in a splotchy nightmare. I’ve read that if you use undiluted paint on the first coats, then you’re fine. I’ll stick to priming :)

  2. rastl
    October 25th, 2013 at 20:41 | #2

    Reaper has a lot of ardent fans. I really like their minis and have enough metal to be glad I’m in a first floor apartment or I’d be worried about the structural integrity of the floors. ;)

    The current trend going through the forums is asking when they’re going to start putting out new metal minis again. With everything going on they haven’t done much of that and there’s a concern they’re going to minimize their metal production. I don’t think that’s the case.

    There’s also a theme of people wondering if this is going to be their new business model – one Kickstarter per year. It may or it may not factor into their plans. Either way as long as they keep producing metal and the core series paints (I’m a lazy painter and love the triads) it doesn’t matter to me.

    I was lamenting the lack of new minis in some of the Warlord lines until a friend gave me a new perspective. The lines I have are, well, complete. There are other ones that do need new minis since they’re new factions. I hope they start kicking out the missing minis for those. The Warlord game is a fun skirmish game and I’d like to see it continue.

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