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Demo army progress but no pictures

I'm coming to the end of my Crusaders demo army.  Two archers, the troop sergeant and the monster.  The monster needed some assembly and that required green stuff (epoxy putty; Procreate in this case which is actually grey and not green when mixed) to fill the joins.  So that's a multi-step process.

Then I had to think about the next demo army to paint.  I'm a bit tired of doing full armor so that means Overlords are out.  I also have a personal Overlord army and no defined color scheme so that one was certainly out.  I decided on Razig, the undead pirate faction.

I know, undead pirates.  But they're completely different from the armored dudes, they're a different alignment which helps for demos ("You wanna play the good guys or the bad guys?") and I have no plans to make an army of them for myself.

Their monster required assembly too, and much more of it than the Crusader monster.  Since I was going to have to use all the tools anyway I pulled him out and started assembly.  This was a tedious one since there were 10 pieces that had to be glued, pinned, smoothed, then puttied.  They're all on the underside where technically no one will see them but I feel it's better to be thorough up front than to regret it later.

I found that superglue still doesn't like me very much.  I have to add water to get it to bond and even then it can take a couple of tries.  Might be time to look at the whole house humidifier setting but I also have this problem in summer when humidity can run over 90%.  The only time this is really a problem is when I'm working with water effects and the glue needs to be clear.  Using water to set it turns it white.

Now then, I have all of my remaining Crusaders assembled and waiting on primer.  I also have all the Razig figures assembled and waiting on primer.  I did have to pin a couple of the one-piece figures since I didn't trust that their arms would stay on.  Skeletons tend to be fragile at the joints.  I'm a bit concerned that the axe shafts aren't going to stand up to demo army wear but at this time I'm not going to replace them with brass rod.  If I have to later, I will.

Crusaders get black spray primer, Razig get white.  So tomorrow I turn on the heat in the garage and get to priming.  I like spray primer better than the brush on stuff and it's much easier to have the figures primed and ready for when I feel like painting.

Even after finishing the paint jobs on the Crusaders I'll have to base them, which means putting scenic elements on the bases (if you're not familiar with the lingo).  I'm thinking of going more with a winter theme – some snow on the rocks and the winter static and field grasses.  I think those will contrast nicely with the bright color scheme.

Why no pictures?  They're just pewter figures right now.  Nothing at all exciting.  I'll take pictures of the Crusaders as they're finished and then the Razig army progress.  I don't see another step-by-step on these since they're really not that intricate to do.  Maybe one of the other ones, but not this army.

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  1. January 7th, 2009 at 11:03 | #1

    You should stop using water on the superglue–it actually negatively impacts its ability to bond. There's products out there to accelerate the process.

  2. January 7th, 2009 at 13:06 | #2

    The stuff to make it bond better/faster actually doesn't work. I've tried it. Superglue really doesn't like me, here or at the game store. Different brands, doesn't matter.I know it needs some moisture to bond but for whatever reason it just won't bond for me without serious help.

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