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Savaged Firefly

First off – I hope to be posting here more often.  I probably lost most of my followers by being a slacker but hey, my own fault.  Then again my gaming has taken a steep dive since I don’t have a gaming group.

I decided to run a Savage Worlds game in the Firefly setting after getting the Serenity role playing game books.  I didn’t like the game system in the books and thought that it would be better served as a Savage World game.  And so it began.

There is a distinct lack of canon in the book.  The book is licensed and Joss didn’t have the chance to build out the ‘Verse in only one season.  Insert short session of sobbing here over the cancellation of Firefly.  Without enough setting material the game would be difficult to play at best.

There’s been a few people who have done work on filling out the setting and adapting the existing material to work with Savage Worlds.  There’s a few highly detailed pieces that are interesting in their own way but don’t add enough to game play.  I’m using bits and pieces of those for my work.  Luckily Pinnacle just released their Sci Fi Companion book so what I need for the ships and other sci fi stuff is in place.  And the setting is mostly low tech for game play.  I’m using less than a dozen pages from the companion book.


One thing that’s completely necessary is the planets.  Even in the canon only the planets used in the series are listed (with a couple of extras) and the information is sparse.  There’s no city names!  Even in the published adventure book there’s no city names!  First order of business – generate list of city names.

Hrm.  So what are the cities like?  Time to check out Traveler and have a hard look at their world building rules.  Those will help with some of it.

Next sticking point was while I was building out cities.  I needed to put in Alliance presence.  There’s no official Alliance military structure.  ~sigh~  So set the planets and cities aside to build out a realistic but not overly detailed military structure.  My friend Brian had a look (he was in the military and plays a lot of historical wargames so he can see it from both sides) and made corrections.  I’m questioning why one rank got dropped so that’s a bit on hold.

Once I get the military structure I can work on the types of presence and how big they are.  That will be a standalone document that I’ll be putting on this site as fan created material.

Then it’s back to the cities.  I’ve got some that I used in my games with a few place names and those are the first ones I’m expanding.  I’m also working on the cities for planets where I expect my players to go.  It’s so much easier than making it up on the fly.

Finally – genealogies.  Somehow I’m on a kick of having a lot of Chinese families in this game.  Maybe because half the universe is populated by Chinese so they’re going to be around.  I made the ‘mistake’ of putting in a family relationship during a gaming session and so it began.  I’ve got the idea for three of them and I can continue to split them off with marrying into Anglo (had to look up the wording from the series) families.  I like a cohesive  gaming world and it’s always fun when past events come back to bite players in the butt.

Finally – crime “bosses”.  The series had less than legitimate business contacts on several planets.  I’m doing the same thing.  I decided to base my NPCs on my friends.  They’re all on board with this and have come up with suggestions for their characters.  At least one is even painting their own mini.  I think of it as an homage to them.  I’m also using names of people I know for businesses.  Might as well work those in and some of them have cool names.

All the documentation will probably be on the front page of the website so it’s easy to find.  I’m also going to work on separating out my specific things (like the family connections) from the basic documents.  I’ll provide the families if people want to use them.  It’s so much easier when someone else has already done the work, right?

I have a couple of other things going on as well but I’ll try to keep this blog more current as I go.  I feel bad for leaving it alone for so long.

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