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Gardening makes me tired

The weather was good, the weekend was free, and the plants were looking rather sad.  Yes, it was gardening time at the Rastl household.

Mr. Rastl handles the veggies.  Rastl handles everything else.  Note – lawn is not considered 'garden'.

Off we went to the nursery to buy plants.  Mr. Rastl grossly underestimated the cost of said plants.  I knew what to expect.  But we came home with plants, mulch, netting and yard chemicals we needed.

Our neighbor has a small rototiller he let's us use so Mr. Rastl's veggie patch was pretty well set.  He even churned up a section for me in the shady part of the garden.

Let's back up a bit.  I had ordered some plants from an online nursery back in April.  Maybe March.  Spring.  The shipping date kept getting pushed back.  Mind you, I've dealt with this company for a few years and they're always good.

As luck would have it, the box arrived the day before I was leaving for ReaperCon.  ~sigh~

Just now I was able to set plants in the ground.  Most of them seem like they will recover and do just fine.  Most.  Plus some seeds and some plants from the nursery.  All covered in cocoa bean shell mulch so the yard smells like chocolate when it gets wet.

So, I planted carpet phlox to prevent critters from wanting to dig under the fence.  I planted peppermint in the tiny margin between the house and the driveway.  I planted basil and rosemary in the little useless patch of garden by the front stairs.  I planted strawberries in the only remaining spot in the garden by the back of the house.  I planted clematis to grow up into the pine tree in front.  I planted azalea and astrolabe in the shady spot by the garage.  And I put in sunflower, daisy, bachelor button, marigold, aster and some other seeds in the new garden area.

Let's see what grows.  I still have hardy glad bulbs to plant but those can wait a bit.

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  1. June 3rd, 2008 at 09:31 | #1

    So…let's see some pics once things get themselves established.
    As for herbs, I envy you. I tried one of those Martha Stewart window box herb gardens a few years ago but did not get much out of it. I blame chlorinated water. If I ever do one again I'll use filtered.
    So your yard smells of chocolate when it rains? Mmmmm… chocolate.. mmmmm. :D

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