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The Shelf of Shame got a little lighter

No, I didn't complete anything.  That would be silly.

Instead what I did was thin it out.  There's a whole lotta stuff there that somehow ended up on the Shelf and isn't really anything I want to paint.

Anyhoo.  I'm heading down to ReaperCon in a few weeks.  That's the one time of the year when you can cash your pewter in ounce for ounce.  So my poor unwanted minis are going back into the melt pot and I'll come home with happy new minis.  That will once again take up residence on the Shelf of Shame.

And I also got around to looking at all the various Warlord factions sitting around.  Using the new data cards I sat down and pointed out my armies.  I dropped three factions completely because I had so few figures that it didn't make sense to keep them.  Or I would have had to invest in a complete command structure.  Or because I just didn't like them.

That leaves me with five factions.  They all need figures to complete them but not nearly as many as the others.  Plus with all the scrap pewter I should make up the difference easily enough.  I also have a bunch of minis still in their blister packs that can be traded at face value so I have no doubt I can get all the minis I have listed along with parts from the boneyard I have on my want list.

And that's one reason why I'm bringing two suitcases on my trip.

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