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Just what the heck do I have?

I did pack up all my minis for the move but now I need to sort out the armies so I know what to acquire at ReaperCon.  This is not as easy as it seems.  Luckily most of them are still in their blisters so sorting is relatively (hah!) easy.  Please note the number of boxes below.

The storage container at the very top is one of three that I have, filled with minis both in packaging and not.  In one of the three is an assembled and primed elf army.  This isn't even considering all the painted dwarves I have.

If you count along with me you'll see 7 boxes on the floor.  Add dwarves for 8.  And there's a mini-faction that isn't represented here for 9.  So far.  I might find another faction lurking in a storage container before this is over.

Once I have them sorted out I'm taking a page from a friend's book and making a "list" of what I have.  You'll notice the quotes around the word list there.  I actually made an Access database with the Reaper product list so I can do some reporting on these armies.  I'd really not like to have to look at a box and ask myself "now what's in here again?".  Again.

These are all armies for the Reaper Warlord game and they put out new rules, new data cards and there's a new command structure.  I know I'm light on command figures.  The question is just how much.

I'll report back as to what my findings are.

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