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Quick update, no pictures

February 11th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Too busy doing stuff to stop and take pictures.  Actually, either the item isn't able to be moved to a good place to take a picture, isn't dry, or isn't interesting enough yet.

The fountain has been reassembled.  I finally took the time to remove the old epoxy and put it back together.  That takes just as long as making it in the first place!  I'll make a note of that for future reference – don't break.

The bookshelves that are shown below with the books and scrolls just don't work for the books.  The shelves aren't tall enough to let any of them stand upright.  ~sigh~  Measure twice, cut once.  To be honest, the shelves were made waaaay in advance of the books.  So I kind of have an excuse.  So I made new ones.

The new shelves are made from balsa instead of the Hirst Arts wooden plank mold.  I'm finding wood easier to use than the plaster pieces for things like this.  Especially cutting and sanding to fit.  The new shelves were assembled, detailed and stained.  The stain will take overnight to dry completely so I'm just leaving them alone.

The books are done.  I finished the last dozen or so on Saturday.  I'm starting up a D&D3.5 game and some of my players were rolling up characters.  Since we're using the straight rules I didn't have much to do besides tell them what region of Faerun they were from.  They took the rest from there.

Finally, I cut the blocks for the new cabinet units to go behind the counter in the magic shop.  Right now they're just blocks of wood.  I need to add the fake drawer fronts and make them look much better.  But I'll show a progress picture when there's something beyond a block of wood.

Good news is that Mega Miniatures has some figures I can use as shopkeepers and my friends want to combine an order so we get a break on shipping.  If you haven't looked into John's figures I highly recommend you do so.  They're a nice figure at a great price.

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