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15mm Ready to Rebase

March 17th, 2013 1 comment

I made ~ahem~ a few mistakes when I started basing my 15mm for Lasalle.  The first mistake was basing for Lasalle.  I’m going to be basing for Napoleon’s Battles – a classic set of rules with basing that will work with most other rule sets.  The second mistake was not sealing the wooden bases before gluing on the minis.  With wood glue.  These were the causes for the problems that made rebasing a necessity.

I live in a semi-arid climate.  I’m still not used to this on many levels.  Because the bases weren’t sealed they absorbed a lot of the water from the glue causing some interesting but unwanted effects with the flock.  I ended up with a stripe all around the edge with no flock.  The other problem was the the whole reason for doing a glue base on top of the main base is so that if the base gets dropped there’s a good chance the entire set of minis will pop off with the glue and cause less damage.  This does not work when the wood glue adheres wonderfully to the base.

Removing them was a chore, to say the least.  These are AB minis and have tiny little ankles.  One of the ones waiting to be based is already broken off at the ankles and will be reattached soon enough.  I’m quite proud to say that I removed all 64 minis without breaking any or breaking off the bayonets.  There’s some bent bayonets but I won’t straighten them out until they’re on their final base.

Yes it looks like the terrible aftermath of a battle and in some ways that’s what it was.  The pile of wooden pieces to the right are what’s left of the original bases.  I couldn’t soak them well enough to pry them off the bases without the real potential for damage so I started breaking and peeling the bases from the bottom to pull the support away from them.  I did soak them a few times and the glue did soften up the in the process.  I will give lots of good press for Litko plywood bases.  They didn’t want to be destroyed and it took some effort to do so.  I also couldn’t use the attached figures as a grip so it was an interesting project for the evening.

I need to get a can of black spray paint to seal the new wooden bases and hope to do that today.  I think I’ve got enough finished minis for at least 30 infantry bases.  I also need to pick up some storage for them.  Since I need containers that are around 2 inches tall it will be easy enough – that’s a standard depth on a lot of them.  I can pick them up in stages since I’m going to get larger containers for these.  I also need to make movement trays and that will help keep them from sliding around in the containers.

As you can tell I’m getting ready to start painting these again.  The goal is to get all the infantry done before changing over to another project.  Mixing it up keeps things interesting.

A brief update

February 3rd, 2013 No comments

I’ve got almost all the navy Dystopian Wars ships painted.  I’m waiting on a replacement part for the carrier and in the meantime I’ve failed my roll against temptation for painting the airships that I have.  It’s not many and the sky fortress seems to have some good tactical value against Russians.  The gaming group has a lot of Russian fleets.  I’ll be posting pictures in batches in the near future.

This is the current state of my table.  I finally found the missing dungeon crawl minis that my friend Michelle is going to be painting for me.  We’ve done a barter and this means there’s a chance that they’ll get painted.  I’m only sending her the nasties and not even all of those.  Barter does have its limits.  We haven’t done the final negotiations.  I didn’t post a picture of the ones that are ready to be painted.

On a final note I’m getting the Hirst Arts kits to make the old WizWar boards.  I bought the wizard minis and I’m looking forward to doing a straightforward build again.  The painting seems to be tedious but I’m thinking it will be a good chance to try my airbrush.  There’s also some fun accessories to make.

A quick status shows that I still have 6 1/2 armies to paint (the CoA one I’ve been painting counts as 1/2 done to me), the dungeon crawl and now WizWar.  Yeah.  Plenty to keep me busy.

I built stuff

May 8th, 2012 3 comments

Yes, I built stuff.  And I painted stuff last weekend too.

I have a gothic arena that I started back in 2009, I think.  It may have been 2010.  Whatever.  It was a while ago and it has been sitting, rather forlorn, in a box.  I needed to feel productive so I pulled it out to paint.  I also have some additional pieces for my modular dungeon that I built almost a year ago and never painted.

While I was painting I found some of the arena pieces weren’t as well constructed as I would have liked and some had been damaged in the moves.  Tonight I dug out the bins of appropriate bricks and built not only the replacements but a couple of new ones.  I’m mixing the basic and advanced arenas so eventually I need to figure out what’s left to build.  I think I have all the basic pieces.

Here’s proof I built.

It takes a heck of a lot more glue than you would think to build this stuff.  I probably should have thrown that out before taking the picture.

I do a lot of building on my homemade magnet board.  That’s a steel baking pan sitting on a piece of countertop.  (I used to be able to buy the sink cutouts – fantastic for solid surfaces).  The pieces of wood have magnets glued into holes – you can see one of them upside down in the upper right.  I can’t remember where I found the instructions to do that.  I do remember the time it took to align the radial arm saw to as close to a perfect 90 degree cut as possible.  That took a while but it’s worth it.

I also build using my Lego as braces and alignment blocks.  To be honest mine are Brix Blocks, the Sears equivalent to Lego.  I’ve had them since I was a kid and I’m still playing with them.

I’ll let these dry for a few days and then probably put paint on them this weekend when I do the touchups on the pieces I already base coated.  And the touchups on the pieces I touched up when I painted last weekend.  At some point I do move beyond the base coat.  Really.

Quick updates, no pictures

August 9th, 2011 No comments

Sorry – no pictures right now.  Nothing really picture-worthy at this point.

I did base up some of the 15mm so they would be safe and take up less room.  Unfortunately the basing glue and flock shrank oddly so now I have to figure out how to fix it.  I’m still trying to figure that out since I’ll need to make sure the rest of the army matches.  And there’s no way to remove the minis from the base and start over.

I have over 100 minis prepped for my revised dungeon crawl but none of them are painted.  I canceled my games and my classes for the convention over Labor Day.  With everything going on there was no way for me to be ready enough to give value to the people who signed up.  So I’ll bow out this time and try to get things going for the convention in February.

I feel bad about canceling my painting classes because the only other person teaching a number of classes also had to bow out for work.  There’s a slim chance he can make it but he’s not counting on it.  A few people have offered to pick up his classes.  The coordinator is thinking of not having any painting classes this year because of the two of us canceling.

Why did I back out of everything? Honestly, no time or inclination to prep.  I did build the additional wall sections for the dungeon but haven’t painted them.  I prepped almost all the minis I could (missing bits and pieces for 8 of them) and they’re ready to be painted.  I just have zero motivation to sit down and paint them.

I haven’t worked up the new rules, the new tables, the new treasures or anything else for the dungeon crawl.  I certainly haven’t play tested it.

I’m pushing the reason off on work since that really is taking up more of my time but I think there’s more to it than that.  I don’t plan on going to the con at all, honestly.  I have no reason to go.  When the only thing I do is run games and teach classes then go home it’s hard to look forward to it.

Otherwise not too much happening in the hobby world for me. Our local game store was seized by the state for back taxes so we have no home.  A group of people is trying to get the capital and business plan together to open a new store with a new name in the same location.  But that’s not certain and there’s no dates.  What little interaction I had with the game club is going to be much more difficult as they move around the game stores for different days.

My gaming group hasn’t met since April.  I don’t miss it all that much. I didn’t get the time to try and fit it plus this was a group that has been playing together for about a decade.  Very difficult to mesh.  That and trying to get used to how the GM runs his game made things hard for me to relax and enjoy.

The 40K hasn’t interested me at all.  I think the pressure of wanting to get the dungeon crawl minis done killed a lot of motivation to paint at all.  They’re off to the side so I don’t need to see them.  Except for the ones still in the process of being assembled or waiting for parts.  I cleaned off the paint table pretty well.  That started when my friend came over to paint one evening and I needed to make room.  Then as part of a “tidy up” mood I worked on cleaning off more and generally cleaning up the hobby area.  It’s pretty bare now.

I still have 15mm to paint but the problem with basing the ones I did have painted has discouraged me.  I know I’ll figure out how to make it better but expecting 6 nicely finished stands of minis and getting what I got didn’t help the entire situation.

So yes. Things are going on but there’s not a lot of progress to show.  Maybe I’ll post some pics when I have something to show.

Quick update on progress

January 10th, 2011 No comments

No pics tonight.  Sorry.  But there will be soon.  Promise!

I’ve got the last of the small rooms assembled and the edges painted, waiting for the detail painting.  One more small room has the gold lining done on the medieval floor pattern.  I’ll probably be painting that one but a friend of mine has some vague interest in it.  He does have interest in painting the last 2 door frames.  Especially since I’m out of ideas.  If he can’t get them done I’ll figure something out.

I’m also building 1 x 2 corridor pieces.  I actually need those for dead ends (odd by even, remember?) and I can use them with corridor sections to build extra rooms if necessary.  I can put them together to make more corridors.  And they fill in a space in the floor tile layers in the boxes.  All kinds of uses!

I think there’s one more set of 1 x 2 pieces after these are done unless I get ambitious and use up all the cast floor tiles.  Why not?  I can always cast more.

I also pulled out the filler pieces I need to complete the gaps between the room and corridor walls.  I may need a few more than I seem to have but there’s another mold that makes them so I need to pillage that box for the remaining few.  Those just need to be painted.

I’m painting prepped minis now.  Tonight I finished up 8 skellies and got the base coat on their bases.  Tomorrow I can dry brush them up, touch up the base edge, number them, and then they’re ready for varnish.  Skellies are easy.  I couldn’t resist some fancy stuff (comparatively) but it didn’t take long and I like it.  I think I’ll add a little flock as moss to the bases to break up the grey.

I also got started on the drow but just wasn’t in the mood to work on them so at least the skin base coats are on.  Once I get involved they should go pretty quickly.  I see a little freehand practice on cloaks but I need it anyway.

I have 2 minis about 2/3 done and need to finish those off.  The whole list of what I need is sitting in a file somewhere so I’ll need to get it out and start checking things off.  And get the player characters painted up.  Those get more paint love than the monsters.

Oh yeah.  The spiders.  I just need to figure out the freehand on the second one and they’re done.  Attaching them to bases takes a little different work because they need epoxy but it’s nothing I haven’t done before.

More floors

January 8th, 2011 No comments

Yes, I’m getting to the point where all there is left to do for the dungeon is the room floors.  All of the dungeon components have been painted, varnished and carefully put into their storage boxes.  I know I’ll be pulling them out to do a display layout but first I need to make sure they fit in the first place.

I added gold to some of the sections on this floor.  Now if you look at it you’ll also see a circular pattern that wasn’t obvious before.

Then I got the chain floor done.  This room is a bit of an odd shape and I didn’t make any more like it.  Technically it fits the requirements of the game.  I just didn’t like it.

The white is still a little uneven to me but from gaming distance it should be fine.

Another fancy floor

January 7th, 2011 1 comment

This one is from the A&K Medieval Floor mold and has been a bit of a challenge to build much less paint.

It’s kind of difficult to see that there’s silver sections that I used to try to define more of the design.  I may have to paint them gold or some other color to make it stand out.

Dungeon Bash Small Room and Vindication

January 5th, 2011 No comments

Turns out I was right about the room scale, I just have to have them oriented a particular way for it to work.  Not a problem and now I know.  The side with the even number of tiles needs to be along the edge with the corridor/door.  Again, I still need to put together a larger layout to see if that’s going to cause issues with assembly but I doubt it.

Yes, I still need the small pieces to fit the gaps where the walls meet.  They’re on the list to be painted.

A very quick setup

January 3rd, 2011 No comments

I couldn’t resist showing off this painted room since I had to move it up out of harm’s way anyway.  I couldn’t get the corner and wall segments to work and that’s frustrating since I thought I did the math right.  I’m going to work with the layouts more since that might be part of the problem.  Otherwise I figure out how to correct (make 1 inch wall sections?), add more cracked floor tiles to make it work, or just work around it.  I have half the rooms to make yet so no matter what the fix is those will be “right”.

I can never resist a PC level shot.  Enter if you dare …

Yes I see the gap between the wall and the door frame.  Again, quick layout.  And if people are looking at that kind of detail then I’m not running the game correctly.

Dungeon Bash Storage and Transport

January 1st, 2011 No comments

I need some way to store this monstrosity as well as easily transport it to and from the convention.  Considering it’s a lot of cement in little pieces I’ll be carrying around boxes of rocks.

I was looking at various sizes and shapes of plastic storage bins but they’re never actually square and they tend to have style aspects that make it difficult to use all the space.  Plus I was worried about how sturdy they would be, considering the aforementioned boxes of rocks.

Instead I found some 12 x 12 x 6 cardboard boxes that are designed to transport up to about 70lb of material.  I’ll just leave it at that as to what kind of boxes these are.

I bought some of the large size bubble wrap, which turns out to be perforated in handy 12 inch lengths and is 12 inches wide.  Things started coming together.

The final piece that came together was finding a foam core display board that was being tossed away at work.  Free foam core is not to be taken lightly.  It’s to be taken quickly. :D

Tonight I wanted to see just how this would work out.  I put bubble wrap along the sides of the box, then made “flats” out of foam core with bubble wrap on one side.  Then it was a parfait of foam core level, walls, foam core, corners, foam core, corridors (Note 1), bubble wrap.  So I was able to get 2 layers of walls/corners and a double layer of floors in a box.  It’s not too heavy at all and I used lengths of foam core between then rows of pieces to fill them out and minimize damage.  I didn’t go so far as to put them between each piece.

I’m guessing the walls and corners will take just over 2 boxes and then the other pieces will probably spread it out to 4 boxes.  I’m hoping to have room in that last box for the minis but given how many they are they might get their own box.

I need to get some sticky back velcro so I can seal the tops of the boxes and I’ll get one of those portable luggage carts and a ratchet strap to put the whole thing together.  I just don’t trust bungies for this because they don’t have enough surface area.  A ratchet strap will hold things more securely.

Tomorrow I should be able to pack up one more full box and clear off the mantle of finished pieces.  I think the room floors will all go into the last box since it will have extra room.

Note 1 – The 2mm foam I use as a base also lets me stack the floors and not worry about them scratching.  Bonus!