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The way it always goes

September 25th, 2008 4 comments

I joined the demo team for Reaper Miniatures because I love their paints and minis and I've been upgraded to running the paint events at my local store.  Since I'm doing demos and events anyway I might as well earn points for them, right?

They also have a ruleset for a miniatures game that uses their miniature lines.  Not a shabby idea and I've liked the game the few times I've gotten to play it.

I do have figures for armies for myself but I really don't want to subject them to the hamfisted local gamers on a regular basis.  With the points I had banked up and some advice from experienced players/demo team members I settled on the basic composition of a demo army:

4 swordsmen
2 archers
2 spearmen


I was on the fence about the monster but was persuaded by "They look cool on the table and bring people over to see what's going on."  Good enough for me.

I created my rosters and then placed my order for three demo armies (three different factions).  Which arrived yesterday.  Yay packages!

I started to sort out the minis so I had all the different factions separated and when I sat down to paint I could grab-and-go.  But something was odd about the elf figures and what ones were in the package.  I checked my order and found out that somehow I only ordered archers.  No swordsmen, no spearmen.  Hrm.  That ain't gonna work.

Oh well, I'll fix it with my next order and use the extra archers as giveaway figures to people who show up and play the game.  Not a big deal at all and what the points are there to be used for.

Which leads me to the "The way it always goes" part of this post.

Elves were the only faction with a defined color scheme right now.  I hadn't thought out color schemes for the two other factions, thinking I could do that while I painted up the elves.  (Note – I'm painting the demo armies in the same colors as my personal armies.)  Now all the figures I really can paint and complete are ones where I don't know what colors I want to use.

I went into a couple of online chats about this kind of thing and got ideas.  I looked at what other people used for those factions.  I know I don't want to use the colors that are used in the rule book as everyone seems to use them and it isn't required to use any particular color.  Plus, I don't have a personal army for one of the factions.  So that color scheme has to stand alone and not be similar to any of the other ones.

I'm hoping to spray some primer on some minis to use as test subjects for the color schemes.  Then I can have the dual satisfaction of seeing how the color scheme works and getting a mini painted.

By the way.  The faction I'm working on first is the Crusaders so it's a lot of guys in armor.  Armor is easy for fast painting.  They have the flowing skirt-things (tabards or some such) to soften them up a bit.  I'm looking at ivory as the main color for those, accented with a light green.  And then the armor being mostly gold/brass/bronze.  My original scheme had a brighter, warm green instead of the light green but when I looked at the figures it would have put the green and gold too close for comfort and made me think of the Green Bay Packers.  Not a totally bad thing but not what I wanted on my gaming table.  Plus the other faction that I did order correctly is Overlords which is more guys in armor.  They're getting silver armor (I have a personal army of those but haven't settled on a color scheme.  I'm thinking orange.  Maybe.) and I needed the other set of armored dudes to contrast on the table.  Otherwise it would have been rather confusing and monotonous.

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Helps if I give some sort of frame of reference

January 17th, 2008 No comments

When I said I have a 'boatload of unfinished projects' I wasn't quite with it enough to actually detail some of those out.

The arena piece I'm showing is part of a number of them that are prepped.  Prepped = fully assembled and with their grey stone paint.  Technically they're done at this point.  But I figured if they were meant to be decorative I would make them decorative, darn it.

My friend Abaroth has instructions for painting marble on his site here.  Of course, I chose a color he didn't have detailed.  I'm currently fascinated with using copper as my metal so I went with blue.  (If it isn't immediately obvious to you why copper and blue are good together I recommend a quick read on color theory.  Go ahead, I'll wait.)  And now I'm completely in love with cobalt blue, which is the base color for my blue marble.

After I get these done I have a fountain that will be getting red granite accents, also based on Abaroth's instructions and also not a color he detailed.  See a trend here?  The fountain will then need to be varnished before I add the water effects.  Varnishing after would dull the water.

Side note.  I had already assembled the fountain when I saw that I had the fountain heads in the wrong place.  I left it that way until I decided to see just how strong the epoxy bond was.  Let's just say that I'll be using more epoxy to repair the breaks in the fountain.

After the fountain I'll be painting up a set of the arena pieces for a friend.  We did a barter.  He's not getting marble.  But I am looking at doing the columns black with gold on the tops.  The roof sections will be in burgundy and there will be burgundy runes on the columns to bring the color into the build more.  Sounds more complicated than it is.  I'll be doing one piece for his approval before painting them all like that.

Believe it or not there are projects after those.  I have a Hirst Arts Dragon's Inn to finish.  That one just needs a roof and some basing terrain.

The I have two small village shops that need to be completed – magic shop and a take-away food joint.  The buildings are pretty much done but all the interiors need work.  Lots of fiddly bits.

Lastly I have a huge dice roller that is being completed.  It was started as a present for Mr. Rastl.  He picked the design.  And then 3/4 of the way to it being complete he decided it was too large.  That was the third attempt at making a dice tower for him.  Current popular opinion is to give him a bag of bricks and a bottle of glue.  But I'll give it one more try.

Somewhere in here I need to complete a mini for a mini exchange.  That's a double-blind where you put your name in the hat and the organizer picks who you paint for.  And they also pick who paints for you.  So you don't know who is painting the mini you're getting.  I received my completed minis already and they're quite fun.  More monsters to kill my players.

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