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~tap tap~ Is this thing still working?

February 11th, 2009 1 comment

Or, more to the point, is Rastl still working?

Sure, I'm going to use that as my excuse for not posting anything.

The Crusader demo army is done.  Fini.  Complete.  All ready to go slaughter something.

The Hirst Arts pieces are coming along nicely.  Of course, I need to cast more bricks to complete the main set much less the cool extra piece.  But that's not such a big deal.  I need more bricks anyway.  And yes, I've slowed down and am making them to a higher standard.  It means that it takes longer (of course) but I'm not nearly as frustrated as when I rush along and find all the problems when I'm painting.  By the way, paint covers a whole lot of issues.  Kind of like ivy.

As you can tell, no pictures.  I just haven't been able to set up anything to get good lighting.  That's what is keeping me from doing this.  And yes, I know all about light boxes and other equipment.  The problem is space here, not equipment.  I'm hoping that if the craft room gets organized and some more shelves put in place I can have a spot to put a light box and use when needed.  Hope, mind you.

The truck is back from the shop and looking sharp.  There's a lingering odor of paint when you get into the cab but overall it's not a bad thing.  I'm hoping that it fades out rather soon tho.  I'm not sure it's good for the ol' brain cells.

Right now I'm working on a few miscellaneous minis to get them to their respective destinations and/or off the unpainted shelf.  That's why I pushed back the next demo army until next month.  I knew I would have more than enough to fill this month without setting myself up for failure by trying to work on that too.

Oh.  I showed restraint.  Yes, honestly.  One of my favorite online gaming stores is having a clearance sale on Mega Minis.  And I so wanted a few things for something that's been in progress for a while.  I even had them in my shopping cart until I really sat back and thought about it.  I ended up removing them.  I did want them and I even had a use for them but it was a single, specific use.  So rather than clutter up the place with more minis that gather dust I gave in to my practical side.  But if anyone is feeling generous – the cows, the pigs and the rabbit swarm.  Really.

And I don't think I mentioned this one yet.  I'm going to be running some games and teaching a terrain painting workshop at Who's Yer Con in March.  So I'm still trying to design the terrain piece that people will be detailing so they have something to take home.  I've had a few ideas but nothing really jumps out.  And no matter what, more casting will be involved.  Of course.

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I’m the “Busy Person”

January 22nd, 2009 No comments

Remember the old adage "If you want something done give it to a busy person"?  Lately I seem to be that busy person.

I've been trying to use my bits and pieces of time between fixed situations to work on projects like painting, building, etc.  Overall that's been working well enough.  I haven't had any projects that required uninterrupted blocks of time.

But now a pending project has become an immediate project.  And it's for Mr. Rastl, of course.

His club has leagues.  Those leagues generate scores.  Those scores are aggregated, ranked and posted weekly.  Until now it's been a pretty manual process using Excel sheets with minimal function usage.  I've done the work to make those Excel sheets more automated (and therefore more useful) but that's a stopgap measure.  They want to take this to the web.

Data storage means database.  Fine, I can do that.  I've been pondering the database structure for this ever since it came up in conversation so that's not a huge deal.  The scoring data itself is actually pretty basic.

Entering the scoring data is where it starts to get more complicated.  The scores themselves need to be validated on entry and then those scores need to be totalled.  That's client-side on action so that means Javascript.  Which I've barely dabbled in.

Last night I spent a whole lotta time making up the score entry form and putting in placeholders for the various pieces that will be calculated on form entry.  I stopped far too late into the evening while doing code formatting since it all worked the way I wanted.  I do have to do a bit of 'search and replace' to fix one situation but that's easy enough.

So now I bring home my pounds of reference books I've been keeping at work and really start looking into how to do this.  I could probably find a mostly correct script on the internet but for now I want to understand what it's doing and how it works since I'll have to write the instructions for using it as well as the reference for how it works.  Ah, technical documentation.

Actually I'm probably going to handle this like I would a project at work.  I'll be putting together a requirements document for this first piece and then get them to agree on the final functions.  Them = whoever at the club is going to complain the loudest.  Overall the function isn't changing – it's just moving online.

And when the scripting hurts my brain I need to revise the format of the existing site.  The original designer used the correct style functions but made things fixed instead of floating.  What this means for the uninitiated is that the site won't use your entire screen – it will use a fixed amount of space for things regardless of how much real estate you have available.  I can work with that using a local copy, luckily.

Now I'll spend my entire day programming, come home, do some chores, then program for the evening.  Something isn't right with that equation.

Finally, I'm really thinking about participating in Who's Yer Con in March.  It's relatively local, relatively small, and looks like some fun.  If I do this it will be my treat for doing all this additional programming.  That is completely separate from my annual pilgrimage to ReaperCon that I combine with a trip to visit my dad.  Two cons, two months apart.  That's a hectic schedule for me.

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