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I’m not ignoring you, honest

July 3rd, 2009 1 comment

I've just been busy with other projects and the minis have been neglected.

So here's a pic of the mini I entered into an online contest.  She's actually a part of my personal dwarf army and was painted for that, not a contest.

Meet Gwyddis.

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ReaperCon – Day 3

May 17th, 2009 No comments

Yes, I know I'm posting on day 4.  That pretty much says it all.

I got my .. errrr ..  head handed to me in the Warlord tournament but I pretty much expected it.  I did have a darn fine lookin' army on the table, at least for a little while.  Pictures (thanks Spike!) will be forthcoming.

I'd tell you what I did the rest of the day but that tournament took me until mid-afternoon and the rest of the day is kind of a haze due to some very late rabble rousing.  I think we can stay in this hotel again next year.

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So who’s surprised that I’m cranky?

May 12th, 2009 1 comment

First of all, the stores here aren't the same.  You would think that going into a Wal*****'s would result in the same products I have at home.  Heck no.  Which leads me into my rant.

Why can't I find unsweetened teas?  I know several companies that make them.  The stores carry the sweetened versions of them but I'll be darned if I can find one without HFCS or artificial sweeteners.  I don't want sweetened tea!  I want iced tea.  Plain, regular iced tea.  Is that so hard?  Down here, I guess it is.

I won't even get into the lack of brand of candy I wanted since that isn't nearly as annoying as the lack of a type of beverage.  I don't want to go to the grocery store and buy a multipack since I'm not at any one place long enough and at ReaperCon they have Sonic in and they will have unsweetened iced tea.  And with any luck they'll give us the same "pay once, drink all day" deal since this is stuff they just dump at the end of the day.  That's a nice deal.

On the mini scene I did get all the bases painted and the first coat of varnish on.  I'll put the second coat on tomorrow (today?) morning so they have all day to dry before I pack them back up.  One of the larger figures needs to be put back differently since her sword extends higher than the foam and it was slightly bent when I pulled her out.  That's not acceptable so I'll probably have to turn her on her side.

I did get craft paint to edge the bases and it took 3 coats before I was happy with the depth of color.  I grumbled a bit but realized I use at least 2 coats of the mini paint to do it so another coat of cheap craft paint isn't that bad.

The real problem is that I didn't think ahead about the availability of the color of static grass I wanted.  For whatever reason I thought I could find something close enough and dry brush the ends once I got to Reaper.  Yeah, silly me.  I ended up sending an urgent pleading e-mail to Skullcrafts asking for a small bag of the flame static grass so I can add it to the bases.  He'll have to send it to my next hotel so I get it.  I'd really like something less vibrant but Skully stopped doing the larger variety of colors so I'll take what he's willing to send me.

This army does look darn cool.  I'll try to get some pictures while they're in play so people can see just how cool they look.

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It’s hot down here

May 11th, 2009 No comments

I'm built for cold and while the weather is warming up nicely at home I'm not really happy with the big jump in temperature and humidity down here in Texas.  And the hotel pool is closed.

I've been having a nice visit with my dad and will spend some time visiting the neighbors tomorrow.  I probably won't spend as much time at my dad's place as I did today since we tend to run out of topics for conversation.

Tonight I was able to paint up the bases of the bulk of the dwarf army.  I forgot to toss black paint in the bag so I'll get a bottle of craft paint while I'm out.  It's just to edge the bases so it doesn't really need to match anything.

I thought I had some orange static grass but I was mistaken.  I did bring some orange lichen but I'm going to hit the local hobby store and see if they have the static grass.  I can't drybrush it to my color idea but that's OK as long as I can get it attached.  I don't have the orange paint with me anyway.  I was planning on doing that finishing touch at Reaper anyway.  I'd just prefer static grass to lichen.

Not too much else to report.  Travel (with a bonus flight delay!), catching up with dad, discovering the hotel doesn't have much to do and a very odd breakfast buffet.

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I can’t believe I’m done

May 7th, 2009 6 comments

I finished painting and lining the last dwarf for my tournament army last night.  And I had enough time to put the basing material on all the other models.  Including time to putty up the holes in the slotta bases.  Wow.

Today I attached and varnished that last fella so tonight I'll be getting his base material in place.  I can prime everyone but him (the glue needs time to set) so they're ready for painting when I get to Texas.

I still can't believe I'm actually done.  Yes, I still have one figure for the larger pickup army and she's been started but I could field her as-is without being less cool but it would be nice to have that one done as well.  I just don't paint to my standards when I'm painting away from home.  I guess I'm too used to my setup.

I will have to paint a familiar (little beastie) for her and I'm thinking of using the tortoise.  Seems appropriate for a dwarf.  That is something I can paint while at ReaperCon since it's a fun little paint job.

The mercenaries aren't even an issue right now since I haven't bought them yet.

So now my plans include creating the cavities in the foam inserts for the carry case, getting all my melt boxed up and shipped down, shopping for those things I have to bring with me (not including the bakery items for my father I have to get on the way to the airport), and making about 37 lists so I don't forget things.  Which I will.  And which is why they have Wal-Mart.

After all this I'm still excited about painting other things.  I didn't burn myself out too badly getting this army done and I credit all my tabletop paint jobs for that.  And Mr. Rastl for just letting me do what I felt I needed to do.  I did try to spend some quality time with him every evening but generally he just sent me off to paint.  He knew that he wouldn't get me back until after my trip.

I am taking my camera with me (of course) but I won't even try to post pictures while I'm down there.  Once the convention kicks in I won't be spending much time at all at the hotel if past years are anything to go by.  Here was last year's schedule:

07:30 – meet for continental breakfast in the hotel lobby
08:30 – gather up folks who are riding with me
09:00 – arrive at convention
23:00 – get kicked out of convention for the day
23:30 – meet up for beers
01:00 – stumble back to my room

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I really feel my age after this convention.

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Age is not kind

May 4th, 2009 No comments

I really didn't do what I would have thought to be an extended painting session today.  5 hours, broken up a few times to get up and do other things.  But by the end I knew I had enough and couldn't do anything else of value.

I didn't get nearly as much done yesterday as I had planned but it was too nice of a day to spend closeted in the paint room.  I won't say it was wasted because it wasn't.  I still got a couple of hours of painting in and I didn't burn myself out by trying to do 2 marathon paint days.

Of the remaining figures the fiddly one is done.  It's still in 2 parts since it is much easier to varnish them separately and then epoxy together.  Epoxy is clear so I'm not worried about a little overflow.  She turned out quite nicely and the hair was so well sculpted I had to spend extra time to make it look good.

I started on the last figure and I'm guessing he's about 1/3 done.  Knowing the colors really does make it go faster and if I hadn't been starting to wander mentally I probably would have gotten more done.  But he's well underway and I can see him getting done in short order.  Then my army is fully painted!

For the pickup army I only needed to add 2 figures from my stash.  I painted up one of them at paint night last week (yay easy paint jobs!) and the other one is either going to be easy or hard.  I won't know until I get started.  She's prepped and mostly primed so I can try painting her after I finish the required ones.

I'm going to work on building the bases this week so they're all done by Wednesday.  As previously noted I'm not that concerned about painting them here but priming would be great since that works like glue to hold the basing materials down.  I also need to cut the foam inserts for the transport case for these figures.  Again, time.

At least for next year I'll have at least one completed army so I won't have to go through this again, right?

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The end is nigh! The end is nigh!

May 2nd, 2009 No comments

Well, kinda.  I'm on the last 2 models of my regular army.  The piercers (archers) are done and glued to their bases.  The bear rider captain has been lined.  All 5 of them are waiting for varnish, which they will get tomorrow.

The last 2 figures are prepped and I actually started on them last night.  I only started the second one because I had extra skin tone on the palette that I didn't want to waste.

Obviously the basing isn't done.  As I stated previously that's the last of my concerns at this point.  Gluing the materials to the base and priming can be done here and the painting once I'm in Texas.

I'm waiting on my light tent before trying to take pictures.  Even if Mr. Rastl waits until my birthday that's soon enough that I can take pictures before I leave.

I'll also need to work on the carry case and carving out the spaces for the minis.  I had a friend send me a bunch of old cotton t-shirts that I can use for wrapping the figures when they're in the carry case.  The foam is a very mild abrasive, which leads to paint being rubbed off in places.  I'd like to avoid that if possible.

I'll be starting on my lists of things to bring and things to ship ahead of time.  I need to get my stuff shipped out by about Thursday so it has a week to get there even though it will be sent in a Priority Flat Rate box.  Better early than late.  That's just my melt.  The army will be in my checked luggage.

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Epoxy + end of the night project =

April 30th, 2009 No comments

Well, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.  I was slow in getting together all the things I wanted to epoxy so it set up before I was done.  That meant mixing another micro-batch.

Paint night went very well.  I had one new painter who already has good brush control so he's going to be a fun addition if he keeps showing up.  As with all new painters he's a little hesitant but once he gets some confidence he'll be slappin' paint like the rest of us.

I was able to get the lesser earth elemental painted and sealed with time to spare.  He's one of the epoxy items from above.  Time was taken as I confirmed what size base he needed, since I somehow misplaced the one that should have been in his package.  I know I'll find it now that I replaced it.

Due to circumstances I didn't have nearly as much time to paint as I normally would but I actually expected that.  I did a nice amount in the time I had.  But I did have to do something that I prefer not to do – leave a color unfinished.  Typically I'll try to finish up a color so that when I pick up the figure again I can move forward.  In this case I got the base coat done and that was it.  There won't be that much highlighting (and a colored wash on one thing) but it irks me that it's unfinished.   I just don't have the time to do it tonight.

The lesser earth elemental actually isn't for my tournament army.  It's for my optional 1,500 point army used for pickup games.  But it was assembled and easy enough that I could work on it at paint night so I decided to get it out of the way.  And I did.  Yay me.

Contemplating the amount of time before I leave and what I need to do has been a painful experience.  My goal right now is to get all the figures painted and the base material glued in place.  Priming it would be a bonus.  Then I can take the paints and static grass with me and finish them in the hotel when I'm visiting my dad.  Yes, I take time out for myself when I visit him.  I suppose I could take them to his house when I visit but it doesn't seem right.  I would have to take a few paints with me but they're legit to take on the plane and I don't mind taking half a dozen little paint bottles.  I'll already have the brushes.

I just checked on the last dwarf with epoxy and it looks like his hand/weapon are going to stay attached at the angle I wanted.  I'll leave him braced overnight just to be sure.  One nice thing about the epoxy is that it also works as filler for the joints.

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Paint .. Paint .. Pay Bills .. Paint .. Prep .. Post

April 29th, 2009 No comments

I think I'll grow tired of these subject lines in the near future but no promises.

Errands and other things kept me from painting until a bit later in the evening but I made very good progress on the piercers (archers).  Even though they're all in the same pose I have to take the time to make the hair/beards different colors.  It's a quirk of mine and I like the way it breaks up the army.  So all the beards are done and the belt pouches except for the detail since that's a color I'm using later in the paint job.  I also touched up the primer (again) on the bits where it rubbed off.

I can see these getting done by the end of the week,easily.  I'm pushing it out because tomorrow is paint night and I'm not sure how much time I'll get to paint after all that.  I will be working on the lesser earth elemental so with any luck that additional figure will be done.  That would be spiffy.

I did take the time to prime up the next figure so I can move on quickly.  She really needs to be painted in 2 parts so the pieces are set up separately.  I was pondering colors as I was priming her.  I see a lot of white on this one for some reason.

I also started assembly on the last figure.  He's going to need epoxy to hold his appendages in place.  There's no pegs of any kind so it's all face-to-face assembly.  That doesn't hold well with superglue and I'm just not up to pinning them.  I'll mix a little epoxy and get that done quickly enough.  The odd thing tho is that this figure is very much like the mancatchers in how he's designed so I can use the same color scheme and painting order to get him done.  The hard work is already completed (decided what colors go where) so I can just fill in the pieces.

I keep all my colors on notecards for the army figures.  That way if I need to paint more later I know what colors I used where.  The unique figures don't get cards since if I ever do paint them again they'll be different.  Why would I paint a unique figure again?  Some special army sub-lists remove the 'unique' flag from figures.

I'm actually quite pleased with how these are looking but I'm getting darn sick of painting them.  I don't think I'll be choosing dwarf figures for paint-and-take at ReaperCon this year.

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Paint .. Paint .. Paint .. Post .. Paint

April 28th, 2009 No comments

I think you get the idea.

To tell the truth I'm getting heartily sick of painting dwarves.  I know I'm on the home stretch and there really weren't that many and I should have been painting them much earlier but none of that really matters when I'm sitting at the paint table and painting more dwarves.

The piercers (archers) are actually coming along nicely.  They're mostly armor and that paints up fast.  As always there's some fiddly bits that will take a little more attention but that's to be expected.

I hoped to be farther along tonight than I am (going to do a bit more painting yet after posting this) but I also thought that the armor was complete after last night.  It wasn't.  Oh well.  It is now.

At paint night this week I hope to paint up the lesser earth elemental.  I'm not using him in this army build but I have my reasons for choosing him.

  1. He's not very futzy so I can paint him reasonably well at paint night
  2. I can use him in the 1,500 point pickup games, if I play
  3. He'll be done

I think those are all very good reasons to paint him.

Back to the table.

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