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It’s hot down here

May 11th, 2009 No comments

I'm built for cold and while the weather is warming up nicely at home I'm not really happy with the big jump in temperature and humidity down here in Texas.  And the hotel pool is closed.

I've been having a nice visit with my dad and will spend some time visiting the neighbors tomorrow.  I probably won't spend as much time at my dad's place as I did today since we tend to run out of topics for conversation.

Tonight I was able to paint up the bases of the bulk of the dwarf army.  I forgot to toss black paint in the bag so I'll get a bottle of craft paint while I'm out.  It's just to edge the bases so it doesn't really need to match anything.

I thought I had some orange static grass but I was mistaken.  I did bring some orange lichen but I'm going to hit the local hobby store and see if they have the static grass.  I can't drybrush it to my color idea but that's OK as long as I can get it attached.  I don't have the orange paint with me anyway.  I was planning on doing that finishing touch at Reaper anyway.  I'd just prefer static grass to lichen.

Not too much else to report.  Travel (with a bonus flight delay!), catching up with dad, discovering the hotel doesn't have much to do and a very odd breakfast buffet.

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Ready … Set … Go!

May 9th, 2009 3 comments

I'm packed.  Mr. Rastl will double-check my packing ability in the morning but as of now I'm saying that I'm done except for a charger that's currently in use.  And the phone being charged.

The one thing that makes me sad is I can't find the little pack of dice I got with the AD&D 3.5 starter kit.  I've used those as my special travel dice for a little while now and if I can't find them (which I won't unless I'm REALLY lucky) then they become regular dice.  All things must end, I know.

I was able to stuff everything into a single checked bag so the only thing I'm carrying on the plane is my computer bag full of the stuff I won't check.  And one of the bulky, heavy things stays in Texas so there's going to be room for trinkets.  But I'll probably be shipping those back anyway.

The weather forecast is a bit stormy but I'm hoping it clears up.  Both my hotels have outdoor pools and hot tubs.  Not exactly where you want to be when the lightning starts.  And Texas doesn't heat pools.  Which is fine for the summer but way chilly in May.

But rain means a better reason to stay where it's dry and finish painting those bases.  It's a trade off.

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Families …

September 7th, 2008 No comments

I'm not sure how many of you know that there's been some changes having to do with Mr. Rastl's grandmother.  She's been in assisted living for a while and since breaking her leg (leg, not hip) she's had private care to help her get around.  The cost combination of assisted living and private care had finally reached the point where it was time to move into the nursing home portion of the facility.

This had been discussed previously.  Six months previously, three months previously.  So it was looming on the horizon.  Mrs. Grand-Rastl (as I'll refer to her now) had been informed of the costs and such by her trust manager on these and other occasions.  But Mrs. Grand-Rastl wanted to stay 'independent' as long as she could.

Now is as long as she could.

This is where things get interesting.  She involved a family friend (known now as IFF – Interfering Family Friend) who does this kind of thing but lives and works in Canada.  Let's just say this person made a few assumptions going into this.  Such as, the trust manager mis-managed the trust fund and that Mrs. Grand-Rastl wasn't aware of what was going on with her money.  Trust me, this was quickly and quite firmly corrected.

IFF contacted everyone almost down to the maintenance people at the facility as well as a number of other people who should not have been involved.  It turned into a Charlie-Foxtrot in no time and in no small order.  Add into the fact that only one of Mrs. Grand-Rastl's children live in the area.  The other two are in far reaches of the country.  And one of them (Aunt Control Freak) got involved with IFF to make this far more distressing than it should have been.

One thing I believe originated with Aunt Control Freak was the idea that all three children needed to be involved with the Power of Attorney (both financial and medical) necessary to move forward.  As the trust manager and those of us here know, that's a big mistake.  Nothing gets done, Mrs. Grand-Rastl suffers, and it just gets ugly from there.

Since there's government and other financial matters now a lawyer is brought into the mix.  She's recommended by the facility and is up on what needs to be done.  Nice lady.  During 'The Meeting' where decisions are going to be made she kicks us all out to talk privately with Mrs. Grand-Rastl about things.  All well and good, Mrs. Grand-Rastl is her client.  We all head out to wait.  On the way back IFF repeats that Mrs. Grand-Rastl wants all three children to have PoA.

Surprise!  The lawyer states that only the child who lives here (Uncle No-Nonsense) is to have PoA.  Nothing about the others – Aunt Control Freak and Aunt Space Cadet aren't mentioned at all.

So, that's one part of the story.  Next up, moving to the nursing home.

Since Mrs. Grand-Rastl was in assisted living she had a one bedroom apartment.  She's moving into a furnished room in the nursing home.  That means all of her furniture needs to go.  The last codicil in her will states who gets what, but that only applies to items in her possession at the time of her demise.  Since she's moving she won't have any of those items in her possession any more.  So now it's all up for grabs.  Kind of.  During a very recent visit to Mrs. Grand-Rastl she said Mr. Rastl and I were just to take it all and do with it what we will.  But we can't since some of the other family members knew what they were supposed to get when the time came.  Complications.

We have to completely rearrange our long holiday camping weekend over Labor Day since the day the apartment needs to be cleared is .. Labor Day.  Mr. Rastl and Uncle No-Nonsense empty the place and bring it all here.  We knew we were getting the living room set and had been working on tentative plans to arrange it in the reading room.  But now we have all the furniture.  Stuffed into the basement.  And pretty much all of it is supposed to go to other people.

Mr. Rastl's sister (Bossy) is supposed to get some things and Aunt Space Cadet some others.  Bossy lives distant as well, of course.  To top it off, when Mr. Rastl's mother passed three years ago Aunt Space Cadet had to clear all of her things out of the basement.  Some of that crap had been there over a decade.  It's all been sitting at Uncle No-Nonsense's place (barn, actually) since then.  And now there's furniture she's supposed to have.

I can't get to half of the basement rec-room due to the pile of furniture.  We can't store this stuff forever, which is what will happen if something isn't done.  Uncle No-Nonsense is supposed to be calling these two people to give them their options:

  1. Come get it
  2. Arrange to have it packed and shipped
  3. Consider it abandoned and Mr. Rastl and I will deal with it

We haven't heard back on what the answers were and I'll be calling Uncle No-Nonsense to find out if he's gotten anything in the way of response.  Mrs. Grand-Rastl has excellent taste so the furniture is all high quality and may possibly be considered valuable.  So we're going to have to get it all appraised once we know what's considered ours.

Note – Aunt Bossy didn't get considered for anything.

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