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Little founts are finally done

April 5th, 2008 No comments

I've been working on these off and on for a while.  I wanted some decorative little founts to toss around the dungeon (not literally toss but scatter decoratively) and I had some casts from the oh-so-wonderful Hirst Arts Cavern Accessories Mold so I decided to have a little fun.  Of course, this was after I decided on my 'no new projects' way of doing things.  Like anyone thought that was going to happen.

This shows the fountain and the 'water' I used.  I tried something different this time.  Instead of using resin I tinted gloss varnish and used that to put in a layer of water.  As you can see, all the varnish went to the edges of the piece.  Not quite what I had in mind.  I still used 5 minute epoxy for the water from the spout but didn't really do a froth where it hit.

This was my first attempt at alabaster.  I think it is decent enough for a first time.  The next time I do this I need to stipple the base coat so it isn't such a flat ivory.  So I'll probably stipple with something at least two shades darker and then work on the striations.

Backstory.  I have time to think whilst making and painting these things.  And that was a lot of marble to paint.  I actually made four of these founts so it was a lot of assembly line work.  Rastl doesn't like assembly line work.

I wasn't being particularly careful on painting the marble so it isn't the best quality.  And the lion heads all have some air bubbles.  Without the stippling the alabaster is certainly second rate.  So here's my explanation for all that.

The contractors building the dungeon must get pieces in the job lots that just aren't up to the standards needed in the BBEG's lair.  But they already paid for it and had it hauled down to the job site.  So rather than waste it they make up things that will be useful in various 'staff' areas of the dungeon and not really seen all the time by the guy who pays the bills.  Now, you would think that the contractors would be doing their very best not to cheese off the BBEG but there's a pretty strong dungeon builder's contractor's union and there are very steep penalties for turning the contractors into undead (sub-contractors need to work out their own arrangements) so it's just easier all around for the less-than-perfect pieces to go into the less visible areas of the dungeon.

And if you're wondering, acrylic paint really doesn't have fumes so I don't have that excuse for what I just wrote.

Note – BBEG is the abbreviation for Big Bad Evil Guy.  Essentially the reason for most quests and the fella you find in the center of the dungeon doing bad guy things.

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The fountain is complete!

February 20th, 2008 No comments

Yes, after much angsting the fountain has been completed.  Overall I'm quite pleased and will have some pictures later with it combined with my modular dungeon.  But for now, behold it in all its glory!

The tinted water is a nice effect, I think.

There's a statue in the middle.  Some day I'll be able to take a picture that shows it.

Edit – detail shot that was requested on one of the forums so I thought I would add it here too.

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January 21st, 2008 1 comment

The arena pieces are painted.  I need to assemble a few of them (thanks to an overcharged cat) and then hit them with varnish.  I still don't have an arena floor nor do I have all the pieces painted.  These were the ones with the stone color on them, remember?

After finishing these I put them aside and started on the next unfinished project.  I painted all the accent pieces on my fountain to look like red granite.

Here's a piccie of the base:

Sorry for the blur.

Again I used my buddy Abaroth's instructions and again I used a different color than he showed.

Next step will be re-assembly and varnish.  Then I can put in the water effects and call it done.  But since I'm at a halt varnishing I'll move on to the next project to be finished until such time as I can spray things.

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Helps if I give some sort of frame of reference

January 17th, 2008 No comments

When I said I have a 'boatload of unfinished projects' I wasn't quite with it enough to actually detail some of those out.

The arena piece I'm showing is part of a number of them that are prepped.  Prepped = fully assembled and with their grey stone paint.  Technically they're done at this point.  But I figured if they were meant to be decorative I would make them decorative, darn it.

My friend Abaroth has instructions for painting marble on his site here.  Of course, I chose a color he didn't have detailed.  I'm currently fascinated with using copper as my metal so I went with blue.  (If it isn't immediately obvious to you why copper and blue are good together I recommend a quick read on color theory.  Go ahead, I'll wait.)  And now I'm completely in love with cobalt blue, which is the base color for my blue marble.

After I get these done I have a fountain that will be getting red granite accents, also based on Abaroth's instructions and also not a color he detailed.  See a trend here?  The fountain will then need to be varnished before I add the water effects.  Varnishing after would dull the water.

Side note.  I had already assembled the fountain when I saw that I had the fountain heads in the wrong place.  I left it that way until I decided to see just how strong the epoxy bond was.  Let's just say that I'll be using more epoxy to repair the breaks in the fountain.

After the fountain I'll be painting up a set of the arena pieces for a friend.  We did a barter.  He's not getting marble.  But I am looking at doing the columns black with gold on the tops.  The roof sections will be in burgundy and there will be burgundy runes on the columns to bring the color into the build more.  Sounds more complicated than it is.  I'll be doing one piece for his approval before painting them all like that.

Believe it or not there are projects after those.  I have a Hirst Arts Dragon's Inn to finish.  That one just needs a roof and some basing terrain.

The I have two small village shops that need to be completed – magic shop and a take-away food joint.  The buildings are pretty much done but all the interiors need work.  Lots of fiddly bits.

Lastly I have a huge dice roller that is being completed.  It was started as a present for Mr. Rastl.  He picked the design.  And then 3/4 of the way to it being complete he decided it was too large.  That was the third attempt at making a dice tower for him.  Current popular opinion is to give him a bag of bricks and a bottle of glue.  But I'll give it one more try.

Somewhere in here I need to complete a mini for a mini exchange.  That's a double-blind where you put your name in the hat and the organizer picks who you paint for.  And they also pick who paints for you.  So you don't know who is painting the mini you're getting.  I received my completed minis already and they're quite fun.  More monsters to kill my players.

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