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The necklace I made

December 28th, 2008 1 comment

The pictures aren't back from the wedding yet, of course, but I did take a picture of the necklace I made prior to stuffing it into the jewelry making supply tackle box for reuse.

There's matching earrings that I didn't try to get into the picture.

For whatever reason the strands weren't perfectly aligned even though I had them consistent over the shoulders and on a triple strand clasp.  You can see it a little in the way the center beads are a bit off kilter.  Something to work on, if I decide to make another one.

It was also just a tad long so maybe take the individual strands an inch or so shorter.  Right now they're two inches apart (each strand is two inches longer than the one above it) so next time I might try one inch.  That's the fun of making your own jewelry.  You can always make it differently the next time.

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The satin is lurking, waiting …

December 20th, 2008 No comments

No, I haven't finished hemming my dress yet.

Yes, we got walloped with snow yesterday.

Yes, we made our spa day.  Mostly.  Only one masseuse made it in so only Karen got a massage since I wasn't going to make her sit around for an hour while I got mine.  She's the bride, after all.

We're supposed to get not only more snow but some terrible blizzard-like conditions overnight.  This is not going to help poor Karen's nerves.


I need to run my errands so I'm all set for tomorrow and then I'm home and working on my dress unless Karen calls to have me help decorate the hall.  There's a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner tonight but those won't go late.

I'm still pondering making some jewelry.

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The end of satin is in sight!

December 16th, 2008 No comments

As of tonight, all the raw edges of satin are enclosed on the dress.  This is good.  This means that it is almost done.  I quickly tried it on and found one thing that NEEDS to be altered.  The back neckline sticks out way funny.  Since the dress is completed at the neckline I can fix it with darts but I'll have to see how to alter the pattern so that doesn't happen again.  Depending on how far down the darts go I have a couple of options.  More on that in a later post, since the mechanics of pattern alteration are far beyond my typing abilities at the end of the evening.

So the dress needs a small alteration and the hemming.  I was goofing with the blind hem stitch on my machine.  Without going into too much detail this stitch lets you do hemming that is less visible than a straight line of stitching.  In a lot of cases that's quite good enough.  However, it isn't always and in this case it would annoy me more to see the blind hemming than it would to sit down and hand hem the thing.  I think.

I was able to get the lining for the shrug cut out this evening.  I had to – I needed the dress neck facings cut out of the same fabric.  So now the shrug and the lining are both sewn to the same point.  Except for the pressing the rest should go quickly.  Then I can see the two together (dress and shrug) and see if I want to make another shrug out of the gold brocade or not.  Given how quickly those go together I should be able to pull it off.

Mr. Rastl is talking about ornaments on Thursday.  That's OK – that leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to do hand sewing and get the two pieces completed.  Then if I want the gold one I can do that on Thursday evening.  Brocade isn't nearly as bad as satin.

I was considering stringing together some jewelry but I know that isn't going to happen.  There just isn't enough time.  Even if I did abandon the project and wore the other dress it's an odd enough neckline that I couldn't make the right thing.  I'd like to have tried it and technically I have Friday night so I'll keep it tucked away as an option.

I still need to get Mr. Rastl's opinion on how the dress looks.  He's got a good eye for that kind of thing.

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