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Well that was a waste

September 20th, 2009 No comments

I'm currently working on painting the Dragon Turtle and pretty much everything I painted today is going to get repainted.  In short I picked the wrong colors and I was trying to do too much.

Longer story.

He's got plating on his arms, legs, neck, tail, etc.  I had already painted the skin to match the guy down below and was working on the underside of the shell, the plates under the tail and all those other places I just detailed.  And some around the face.  All those other places I was going to use the same tans as on the body wrap of the grunt so that the shell would stand out more.  And I was trying a new technique that suggested taking the base coat a shade darker to make the effect really pop.

I did all that and it just didn't work.  The colors were completely wrong against the bright skin.  I should know better than to pick colors when I'm in an unhappy mood.

A friend gave me links to his painted figure.  His has the plating the same color as the skin.  Only the shell, underneath the shell and the plates under the tail are a different color.  That looked much better.  So I pulled out the skin colors and painted over all the stuff I did.  And yes, it looks much better.  I still need to highlight it and I'll probably pull the highlights one shade higher than on the rest of the models just so he pops more.

I also prepped 2 more minis that I need for this demo army.  I'll be pulling out the epoxy tomorrow and these guys need to have their arms attached.  Since I'll have epoxy mixed I'll use it wisely.

Oh – I put the base coat on some new arena pieces.

I'm doing all this in preparation for doing Warlord demos at Oshcon next month.  With the new rules and datacards I need to make sure my armies balance.  I did get new models for new armies so I really need to get painting.  I need 4 demo armies that balance.  I need to check my Crusaders to make sure those are the same and then work up 2 more.  I don't think they'll take as long as these since they're not nearly as complicated.

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Wow. I’m surprised you’re still checking this

September 18th, 2009 1 comment

I'm making the assumption that you are.

In a nutshell, I have too many hobbies.  I went on a complete sewing binge and that kept me from the paint table.  Heck, I even used the chair there as storage.  I'm a bad, bad painter.

But now that's over and I'm back to painting.  I'm finally making progress on the Reptus demo army.  Or as I like to call them 'leezards' after the Taco Bell commercial.

I painted up 4 of these bad boys.  They're not based but they're painted and lookin' mean.

I tried for an enameled look to the armor and I'd say that I pretty much succeeded.

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Sigh .. Undead pirates

June 19th, 2009 3 comments

Well, after all that the undead pirates are going to be taking a bit of a vacation.  I did find out after I had them painted that they weren't going to be in the first release of Warlord changes and so I need to set them aside and work on factions that are so I can demo the game properly.

I found this out trying to balance my demo armies using the new datacards.  There are no official datacards for this faction so I'm just going to set them aside and wait until they come back.  And of course this is one of the only demo armies I have painted.

I think I'll replace them with Nefsokar (Egyptian) after I get the Reptus (leezards, in honor of the classic Taco Bell ad) painted up.

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Ah, the smell of craft paint

June 7th, 2009 No comments

The smell of craft paint always reminds me of school.  That evocative smell of cheap acrylic paint that we used in so many projects.

And that's what I'm using on the arena I'm painting up.  Well, not completely cheap paint but it all kind of has the same smell.  I'm painting roof and other large sections so there's a lot of wet paint at once, hence the aroma.  In the smaller amounts and in drybrushing you don't get that.

I was able to repair the piece that broke when I dropped it (sorry Froggy – you won't even notice) and a piece that broke when I was painting it (see previous note).  I had epoxy out to work on something else so I made it even stronger.  I really need to start using more epoxy in my builds where there's going to be butt joins and other weak areas.

So all the last pieces have their stonework painted and I've gotten a good start on the detail work.  There's always touchups but those are minor compared to the actual painting.

Whoops.  Forgot the final white highlights on the stonework because I don't put them on my own stuff.  I'll do that tomorrow before going back to the detail painting.

I'll be happy to finally get these pieces done and off to their rightful owner.  I have another 'project for trade' in the wings and that one will be more complicated since I'm still designing as I go.  I also think I need to cast a lot more bricks since I need a lot of a particular one that has one per mold.  Lovely.  I know I should make a mold so I can just cast those but after this project I don't know how much I'll need those in quantity.

Finally Mr. Rastl was very kind and did a project for me.  I now have new figure holders for those models that have the slotta base.  I was using binder clips but had issues with finding places to put them so the paint didn't touch anything.  Now I've got nice stable wood pieces with thick wire holding up alligator clips.  They're weighty enough to stand up nicely, the wire is flexible so I can reach everything on the piece, and the alligator clip should hold the figure securely without getting in the way.  I only had him make 4 of them because: a) I generally only paint at most 4 models at a time and b) the alligator clips came in packs of 4.  We've got enough material to make more if I need them but this should be plenty.

I used my epoxy wisely as I assembled the figure holders, filled in some gaps on the dragon turtle and fixed the terrain pieces.

What I didn't post yesterday because I didn't feel it was worth a post was that I got the heads attached to the Reptus figures.  I used CA (superglue) but didn't get as solid of a bond as I would like.  I re-glued the offending and now detached heads then used the epoxy from the final dragon turtle assemby to seal the seams.  I've done that with other figures and it works quite well.  I'll do the same thing when I attach the shields.  CA to get them in place, epoxy to make sure they stay there.

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Quick update

June 2nd, 2009 No comments

The craft room is set up for sewing so I really can't do much painting.

Last night I started prepping the Dragon Turtle as the monster for my next demo army.  He was surprisingly clean and the parts dry fitted very well.

Tonight I started putting him together with epoxy.  This is going to take a few steps and I may also put a couple of pins in him for strength.

My intent was to bring him with next week when I paint with the Illinois crew but now I'm not so sure.  I'm going to try to prep some of the regular army models at paint night and see if I could bring those instead.  I have a better chance of getting them done.

Now the craft room smells like epoxy.

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Decisions, decisions

June 1st, 2009 No comments

The playtest beta I did on Friday turned out really well.  At least I thought so.  Once we got in the swing of the ruleset things moved along quickly so there was a sense of action happening.

By the time we had played 2 full games the 40K players were on their second turn.  'Nuff said.

However this means I really need to get 2 more armies ready.  I can pull one out of my personal dwarf army but no matter what I need another demo army painted up.

I decided on another 'cool' army and pulled out the Reptus so I could start prepping them.  Unfortunately it means pinning some of the bits so they stay attached and I've gotten rather lazy about pinning.  I'll get back into the swing of it soon enough.

There was a brief debate about color since I didn't want to use the standard green or orange people tend to use.  Mr. Rastl looked over the color chart and said he liked the red violet colors.  I agree, they're quite different.  So those are the colors.  The absolute complimentary set to that color has been discontinued and I'm debating about whether I should just use it since this is a demo army or if I should go with colors that are still current.  I won't know that one until I start slapping paint.

I'm finally making plans to paint with the Illinois crew (IMMPS) so I do need something to paint.  It's either going to be the monster from this army or a set of army figures.  If I'm looking for something that can be mostly and/or completely painted in an evening I'll have to lean towards the army figures.  After I get a certain amount of paint on a figure I don't like transporting it since I always tend to rub off paint when I do that.  Hence my preference for doing 'real' painting at home.

And on one final note.  I was hoping to take a bunch of pics today using the new light tent Mr. Rastl got me for my birthday but time got away from me and there was so little left that I spent the time taking mold lines off the Reptus monster and dry fitting him to get an idea of the work involved.  He's all cleaned up and goes together surprisingly well.  I don't think I'll need to fill any gaps.  Very good quality there.

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