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July 5th, 2010 No comments





Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.

OK, so anything that has the "Contact us for a price quote" really means "If we put the price on the web site you would choke" but I had to find out.  Luckily 99.999999999999999% of the people who would want this are male so they probably don't have female patterns and I can get some info out of them, such as the embroidery designs.

Looking over the other prices I know that it's going to be completely outrageous but seriously worth it for the amount of work in it.

And I really like that if you need a close fitting you have to visit them in Brittany.

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Under a deadline, so I do something else of course

April 22nd, 2009 No comments

Yes, with a self-imposed deadline of getting all my dwarf army models painted for ReaperCon I decided to do something completely different last night.  Let me explain.

The mancatchers are close to done.  They're hanging from my flexible neck lamp (don't ask).

But I also want to make some new dresses and since it's coming up on summer I'm using light and fun fabrics.  The serger (sewing machine that trims and overcasts the edges of seams – look inside one of your shirts) is threaded with black since I've been sewing a lot of dark colors.  I have one more project that needs black (not really but I like to be consistent) and then I can switch over.

Last night I got the bug and decided to finish that project.  And I did.  Last night I made 4 pillow covers for the new pillows on the couch.  Of course, those new pillows themselves need to be made.  And I'm making them out of white fabric.  Chicken and the egg, I know.

Now that the pillow covers are done I was able to rethread the machine with white and start gathering an insane amount of tulle for use in a petticoat.  I did this first because I was really curious to see if my serger could do the gathering and how well it worked.  I'm not done but the stuff that it did gather it did really well.  I'lll be keeping this in mind for future projects.

Tonight is paint night and I'll probably just prime and start on a figure or two.  Once I get something started I don't like to move it around since that wears the paint off the corners.  So the mancatchers will stay where they are for a little while longer.

Being me, these pillow covers are meant for winter months.  They're a nice black and gold scrollwork design.  Far too dark and heavy for spring and summer.  So they're done but they're not really useful.  I'm still working on the colors for spring and summer so I have a little time.

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Yeah, yeah redux

April 15th, 2009 No comments

I seem to keep posting variations on the "I promise to have pictures soon" theme.  It's true, I do want to take pictures and post them for your delectation.  But it just doesn't seem to happen as I would like.

To cover the items in the last 'Yeah, yeah' post.

I did fix the lace/hankie issue.  I unpicked the offending ring, made a new (correctly attached) ring, then assembled the whole thing into a continuous band of lace and finished sewing it to the fabric.  And then made the mistake of bringing it to show Grandma Mr. Rastl on our weekly visit and she confiscated it.  Before I could take pictures, of course.

As stated in a later than 'Yeah, yeah' but prior to this post all the undead pirates are base-primed and ready for paint.  I'm putting these on the to do later list since I don't need them as quickly as I need the dwarves.

The bear riders are coming along nicely.  I'd say they're at least 3/4 done if not more.  I'll have them done in 2 more evenings of work unless I find something really futzy or really wrong.  Then I'm on to the captain.  Higher ranked figures tend to be unique so I paint them separately.  It's much easier to paint X number of the same figure in a session since it becomes assembly line work.  Adding in different figures means actual thought.

I'm going to work on the Mancatchers at paint night tonight and I hope to have some more good progress.  I normally can't paint a figure to completion there due to lighting but I think I still have enough of the larger areas that I can get to the detail part and finish them up at home.

The terrain is still waiting for base coat touchups.  I was planning on doing that during online gaming last night but my GM wasn't feeling well.  I'm debating about trying that again tonight since our side adventure ties into the game we're playing on Saturday.

I made a couple more master walls while building other pieces and after adding another size into the mix I realized that I really did just triple the number of molds I have to make.  Given how the walls connect at the corners to add another size means adding 4 walls.  At least I can have a nice variety of sizes and configurations when this is all over.  I already have a couple of people asking to borrow the molds once I get them done.  I think that's a compliment.

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April 6th, 2009 1 comment

I was so close.

I've been sewing the lace on my hankie and since I'm putting it on a little full (to use the old term) the lace is being ever so slightly gathered as I'm attaching it.  That means that I needed to make more lace.

Not a problem.  I anticipated this and didn't try to finish it off.

So I'm on the final stretch and down to the last ring.  Joining between two rings is a little tricky but I'm remembering how to do it.  I attach, close the ring, and clip the shuttle thread.  Happy with a job well done.

As I lay the lace down to see how it will look I see something.  I joined the lace to the wrong place on the final ring.  So it's crooked.  And I've already clipped off the shuttle.

That's where the 'argh' comes in.

I really can just sew it down and no one will really know.  It's not like people are going to be really looking at my hankie.  But I'll know.

So I've decided to undo the last ring, attach a new shuttle thread, remake the final ring (making sure to attach it correctly) and then tie off again.  The knots get lost in the lace and the attachment to the fabric so it's not like this will be a glaring correction.  But it's just one of those 'didn't pay attention' things.

On a better note I did make a little tatted basket.  Once I get it starched into shape I'll post a picture.  It's cute.  Normally I don't make the 3D items but baskets are cute.

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A few quick updates

March 29th, 2009 1 comment

I've still been busy finishing up the Razig undead pirates.  Their sergeant is done except for a couple of touchups and the lining.  The monster is more or less started.  I'm not sure if I'll make the self-imposed 'end of the month' deadline but I just might if I get on a painting binge.

I've also been working up my Warlord army list to participate in the tournament at ReaperCon.  I decided on the dwarf faction for a couple of reasons.  The main one is that two very good painters are working on a unit of adepts for me and I really want to field them.  That means making up an army to go around them.  That's fine – dwarf is one of my armies.  But that puts the elf army back some more.  I can live with that.

So I've been spending quite a bit of time prepping dwarf minis so I can get them primed ASAP.  The painting is next on the agenda.  I'll paint as many as I can and then field whatever is left nekkid.  It's tourney legal but I know a painted army fights better.  First up, the bear cavalry because they're so cool.

On a completely unrelated note I'm also getting back into soft crafts.  I'm making some linen handkerchiefs for myself (thank you best friend Karen for the linen scraps) and have picked up my tatting shuttle to make some lace for the edges.  If I'm going to be sobbing for no reason I'm going to do it in very nice linen and lace, thank you very much.  For those who don't understand the 'I'm getting old and cry for no reason' situation, be glad.

Finally I had started writing a rant that examined ingrained cultural beliefs, heritage, religion and civic responsibilities.  It was a pretty complex rant.  I stopped when I realized that even I wasn't interested in the thing.  But I will leave you with an anecdote that happened to me this week.

I was getting my hair cut and my eyebrows back into shapes other than mating catepillers when the stylist asked my nationality. I think it had to do with the amount of hair in my eyebrows.  I answered honestly – "American".  She realized what she asked and that my reaction meant that further discussion on the matter wasn't going to be the normal banter that happens.  I then went on to say my heritage is German, Polish and a little Italian.  I'll leave you that to think about when you're asked where you're from.

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Chores, promises and silliness

December 24th, 2008 No comments

My kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it.  This isn't good.  After work I rolled up my sleeves (literally) and got it back into shape.  It didn't take long but it had to be done.  I'm much happier now.

After watching a 'funniest commercials' show I finally hemmed a pair of pants for the neighbor that have been here far too long.  Again, it didn't take that long but it was one thing on a long list of things to do.  Now it's done and we can return them tomorrow.

World Works Games put out a free Christmas tree download and I finished up the night by getting that prepped.  Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it up and we'll have a pretty little tree to put .. somewhere.  And then we have one for whatever reason in the games we play.

The weather is supposed to be quite unpleasant tomorrow and since it's Christmas Eve we get a short day at work.  I'm not driving in that muck for a half day.  I'll work from home and stay safe.

I was going to start on some drapes for one of the bedrooms but a couple of things halted that effort.  One was an uneven edge on the fabric that I didn't notice until too late (I can salvage two panels) and the other was a lack of matching thread to edge the pieces.  I didn't continue – too late at night to think.

Last night I did do a little busy work and iron up all the remnants I picked up for making doll clothes.  They're all nice and smooth now.  I'm plotting little costumes in my copious spare time.  And I have to grab the latest ad from the fabric store to make my shopping list for the three day sale.  As always there's stuff I need/want and heck, it will be on sale.

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One down, one to go

December 18th, 2008 2 comments

The jacket is done!  All nice and tidy.  A bit long in the back since I didn't do any adjustments and don't know that I can do any adjustments, based on the design.  Oh well.  Maybe on the next one.

The dress alterations were so minor for the possible gain that as of now I'm not going to attempt them.  It looks like I need to shave some of the center back seam as well as possibly take some length off the back torso as well.  I'll get some of my sewing buddies to have a look and we'll talk about how to make the pattern fit better.  The front torso seems just fine – it's the back that's odd.  Lucky for me that's being covered by a jacket.

I did get the dress hem pressed so that will help tremendously with hemming.  I don't have to keep it pinned all the way around but I will put pins in at the seams just to make sure I'm not twisting it as I go.

The sleeves are hemmed.  You can ever so slightly see the stitches if you look for them but being careful and a good pressing makes them sink in decently enough.  There's no way I could do the blind hem (mentioned below) and not have it be very obvious.  I figure a good hour of work to get the hem done.  I'm being generous with my time estimate since I have to be more precise in how much of the outer fabric I pick up on my stitches.  Again, satin.

With any luck the whole thing will be done tomorrow and I can stop worrying about it.  I'm going to keep the pieces in my closet and maybe there will be a reason to wear them again in the future.  I don't know why, but maybe.  They don't scream 'bridesmaid' unless they're together and that's only because of the matching colors.  Mix it up and they should work as 'a nice dress'.

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So near the end of the satin

December 17th, 2008 No comments

Tonight I didn't have a lot of time to work on things but actually made some decent progress.  The shrug is almost complete.  I have the sleeve hems to sew and then just stitch up the opening I had to leave in the back so I could sew the sleeve hems.

I was able to get that far because before league I sewed up the underarm seams on the two pieces and pinned them together for the outer seam.

After league I spent a little time with Mr. Rastl (who got home VERY late because of the weather) then sewed up the outer seam and pressed it all in place.  It actually looks like a piece of clothing now.

The only machine sewing left are the sleeve hems and the alterations to the back of the dress.  Everything else is hand sewing and believe it or not that can go fairly fast.  Hems don't need to be stitched very small so you can cover some distance once you get in the groove.  Of course, having the seam itself well pressed makes it even easier since the piece just folds into place.

Once I try on the two pieces I'll get the final verdict about the overall look and then I'll know if I'm making the gold shrug or not.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get to that point, if Mr. Rastl is available.  He should be – it's not supposed to snow again until Thursday.

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The end of satin is in sight!

December 16th, 2008 No comments

As of tonight, all the raw edges of satin are enclosed on the dress.  This is good.  This means that it is almost done.  I quickly tried it on and found one thing that NEEDS to be altered.  The back neckline sticks out way funny.  Since the dress is completed at the neckline I can fix it with darts but I'll have to see how to alter the pattern so that doesn't happen again.  Depending on how far down the darts go I have a couple of options.  More on that in a later post, since the mechanics of pattern alteration are far beyond my typing abilities at the end of the evening.

So the dress needs a small alteration and the hemming.  I was goofing with the blind hem stitch on my machine.  Without going into too much detail this stitch lets you do hemming that is less visible than a straight line of stitching.  In a lot of cases that's quite good enough.  However, it isn't always and in this case it would annoy me more to see the blind hemming than it would to sit down and hand hem the thing.  I think.

I was able to get the lining for the shrug cut out this evening.  I had to – I needed the dress neck facings cut out of the same fabric.  So now the shrug and the lining are both sewn to the same point.  Except for the pressing the rest should go quickly.  Then I can see the two together (dress and shrug) and see if I want to make another shrug out of the gold brocade or not.  Given how quickly those go together I should be able to pull it off.

Mr. Rastl is talking about ornaments on Thursday.  That's OK – that leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to do hand sewing and get the two pieces completed.  Then if I want the gold one I can do that on Thursday evening.  Brocade isn't nearly as bad as satin.

I was considering stringing together some jewelry but I know that isn't going to happen.  There just isn't enough time.  Even if I did abandon the project and wore the other dress it's an odd enough neckline that I couldn't make the right thing.  I'd like to have tried it and technically I have Friday night so I'll keep it tucked away as an option.

I still need to get Mr. Rastl's opinion on how the dress looks.  He's got a good eye for that kind of thing.

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My rant about satin isn’t done yet

December 15th, 2008 No comments

As long as I have to sew it, I'm going to rant about it.  And yes, I have to sew it.

I did get the side back seams done and this time I basted all the side seams down at the armhole.  On the test dress I didn't do that and the front side seams didn't lay properly.  Requiring me to rip out and restitch part of the seam.  I'm not doing that here.

Tonight I was able to sew up the shoulders and the side seams.  So the body of the dress is complete.

I also sewed together the outer shell of the shrug, since I had it cut out.  That one is shiny side out and hopefully much easier.

I could have gotten the sleeves ready to be inserted but called it a night.

What's left?

The neck facing has to be cut out and inserted.  That will finish the neck.  Then the sleeves need to go in.  After that it's just hemming the sleeves and the dress itself.  I prefer to hand hem so it looks better.  So that's a little time on the couch doing hand sewing.  Nothing I haven't done before but I'll have to keep the cats and dogs off the dress.  Again, it's nothing I haven't done before.

I need to cut out said facings and the lining for the shrug.  That requires a flat surface.  I'm not sure if I'll set up my cutting table for this or not.  Possibly.  It doesn't take that long to set up but it does use most of the available floor space in the dining room.  I can get away with it for a little while and it sets up and folds back down quickly.

Luckily putting lights and garland on the tree falls to Mr. Rastl so I've got one more evening when I'm just supervising.  Then we work together putting on the ornaments.  By that time I should be in hand sewing mode so I can spend time with him as well as get work done.

Except that bad weather canceled the last league night which will be this week.  That takes a chunk of Tuesday.  And a chunk of Wednesday is taken by the last paint night of the year.  Thursday is free and I took all of Friday off for wedding prep.  So I do have time to get things done and not really rush.  Honestly!

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