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I can’t help myself

January 24th, 2009 No comments

I had to go to the hobby store to return one last thing from Christmas.  I also knew I was getting a piece of fabric to make pillow covers.

Ooo.  And glitter was half off and I have a couple of projects that will use glitter.  Yes, glitter.  Don't look at me like that.  They're going to be cool.

And Christmas merchandise was 90% off so I picked up a couple of velvet poinsetta stems.  Because it was cheaper than velvet ribbon.

So of course I spent more than I had in return money.  Who's surprised by that?

But I was actually good in that the only 'extra' things were the two poinsetta stems and they were pocket change.

I shouldn't be allowed in hobby stores.

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It is now a game of Chicken

December 29th, 2008 2 comments

The after-Christmas sales are in progress with all the holiday merchandise at 50% off.  Of course, being the *ahem* thrifty person that I am I'm going to wait until things hit about 75%.

Turns out I'm not the only one.  I heard several people say they were going to wait until the prices came down some more.

Of course the stores want to get as much as they can for this stuff.  So there's no telling when the next markdown will be.

As I said, it's a game of Chicken.  Buyers are waiting for the prices to drop, sellers are trying to keep the prices as high as they can for as long as they can.

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Stupid store return policies

December 26th, 2008 No comments

OK – I admit that I was returning gifts.  That's why I asked for the receipts.  The thought behind them was lovely but …

First return, no issue.  Walk in with item and receipt, walk out with cash.  Perfect.

Second return, issue.  This is where I get detailed.  And yes, this is after I've calmed down and expressed my displeasure at the corporate level.

I had the item and the gift receipt.  My return options were store credit or a check mailed from Corporate, that may get to me in a week or four.  Neither one was acceptable.  I don't shop at that store (and never will again) while waiting for the check means missing all the good sales coming up.

I also had the purchase receipt.  So they processed the return.  And put the money back on the card that purchased the gift.  They didn't tell me that would happen, they knew I wanted cash.  But they still put it back on the card that purchased it.

So now I have no gift, no money, the person knows I returned it, and they have the money back.  Tell me how this is good customer service?

If you're interested, the store is Kohls Department Store.  So think good and hard before buying gifts there because unless you pay cash whomever you gift is going to get shafted if they need to do a return.

We had enough issues this holiday season that this one is just another big steaming one on the pile.  The only good that might come out of this is that I was going to give Mr. Rastl the money to buy the one thing on his list that I didn't get him because I had already purchased his expensive gift.

And no, this wasn't something that was on my list.  It was something he bought on impulse.  Lovely thought but it just wasn't something that was right for me.

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The satin is lurking, waiting …

December 20th, 2008 No comments

No, I haven't finished hemming my dress yet.

Yes, we got walloped with snow yesterday.

Yes, we made our spa day.  Mostly.  Only one masseuse made it in so only Karen got a massage since I wasn't going to make her sit around for an hour while I got mine.  She's the bride, after all.

We're supposed to get not only more snow but some terrible blizzard-like conditions overnight.  This is not going to help poor Karen's nerves.


I need to run my errands so I'm all set for tomorrow and then I'm home and working on my dress unless Karen calls to have me help decorate the hall.  There's a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner tonight but those won't go late.

I'm still pondering making some jewelry.

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