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Sigh .. Undead pirates

June 19th, 2009 3 comments

Well, after all that the undead pirates are going to be taking a bit of a vacation.  I did find out after I had them painted that they weren't going to be in the first release of Warlord changes and so I need to set them aside and work on factions that are so I can demo the game properly.

I found this out trying to balance my demo armies using the new datacards.  There are no official datacards for this faction so I'm just going to set them aside and wait until they come back.  And of course this is one of the only demo armies I have painted.

I think I'll replace them with Nefsokar (Egyptian) after I get the Reptus (leezards, in honor of the classic Taco Bell ad) painted up.

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Argh! Undead pirates!

June 18th, 2009 No comments

This is just a quick post because I think I finally figured out how to make the seaweed for their bases.  Once that's in place I'll have to take all new pictures.

You can see the others in the collection below and once they're really complete I do a full post on them.

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Painting sooner than I expected

May 28th, 2009 No comments

I wasn't expecting to get back to painting in the very near future.  That's why I felt safe in using the area on, around and by the paint table as temporary storage.

But things changed and now I guess I'm running a demo of the game of Warlord on Friday.  And one of my demo armies doesn't have painted bases.

Yes.  I can use them without painted bases.  But they're just not as cool!

So I dug out the paint table and drenched the bases in the shadow color.  Once that dries it will be a quick matter to drybrush up the rest of the colors.  I do want to put seaweed on them (undead pirates, etc.) but that's not 100% necessary and I'd rather get them painted and sealed for play.

I'm also playing with the idea of adding a highlight to the base edges in the army color.  Nothing too fancy, just another way to easily identify the pieces on the table.  Of course one of my far more detailed painter friends took that to mean that I was going to gem the bases.

For those not in the know, to 'gem' something is to paint in the manner of a gemstone.  Reflecting light and all that.

I wasn't planning on going that far for demo army bases but I will try one with the highlight edges and see what that looks like.

Base coat is on and drying.  I touched up the spot on the crab where primer got on the underside of the claw.  So they're set for the evening.

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Yeah, yeah redux

April 15th, 2009 No comments

I seem to keep posting variations on the "I promise to have pictures soon" theme.  It's true, I do want to take pictures and post them for your delectation.  But it just doesn't seem to happen as I would like.

To cover the items in the last 'Yeah, yeah' post.

I did fix the lace/hankie issue.  I unpicked the offending ring, made a new (correctly attached) ring, then assembled the whole thing into a continuous band of lace and finished sewing it to the fabric.  And then made the mistake of bringing it to show Grandma Mr. Rastl on our weekly visit and she confiscated it.  Before I could take pictures, of course.

As stated in a later than 'Yeah, yeah' but prior to this post all the undead pirates are base-primed and ready for paint.  I'm putting these on the to do later list since I don't need them as quickly as I need the dwarves.

The bear riders are coming along nicely.  I'd say they're at least 3/4 done if not more.  I'll have them done in 2 more evenings of work unless I find something really futzy or really wrong.  Then I'm on to the captain.  Higher ranked figures tend to be unique so I paint them separately.  It's much easier to paint X number of the same figure in a session since it becomes assembly line work.  Adding in different figures means actual thought.

I'm going to work on the Mancatchers at paint night tonight and I hope to have some more good progress.  I normally can't paint a figure to completion there due to lighting but I think I still have enough of the larger areas that I can get to the detail part and finish them up at home.

The terrain is still waiting for base coat touchups.  I was planning on doing that during online gaming last night but my GM wasn't feeling well.  I'm debating about trying that again tonight since our side adventure ties into the game we're playing on Saturday.

I made a couple more master walls while building other pieces and after adding another size into the mix I realized that I really did just triple the number of molds I have to make.  Given how the walls connect at the corners to add another size means adding 4 walls.  At least I can have a nice variety of sizes and configurations when this is all over.  I already have a couple of people asking to borrow the molds once I get them done.  I think that's a compliment.

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I promise, pictures this weekend

April 11th, 2009 No comments

The undead pirates all have the sand on their bases.  That still means primer, paint and vegetation but it's better than nothing.  I know the last post had 'everyone except the monster' but now it's just everyone.  Yay everyone!

The bear riders have the bears finished and varnished and the riders are primed.  So I can work on painting the riders without as much worry about scraping/wearing the paint off the bears.  When I get them done the entire figure will get a coat of varnish so the bears get a double helping.

This weekend was supposed to be very, very busy but now it's just very busy.  It looks like the only time I'll have for hobbies is Sunday night.  And I'll try to be good and finish up the base coat on the arena pieces then so that project is ready for finishing.

I will try to get pictures this weekend so you can see how things look.  I've been talking about them a lot but it's really cool to actually see them.

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Yeah, yeah

April 10th, 2009 1 comment

A quick update on various and sundry things.

The hankie/lace issue hasn't been resolved.  I need some time on the couch without too many distractions and that hasn't happened in the last few days.  It's on the list.

The undead pirates are painted, varnished, and have the sand on the bases.  The monster is one step behind because he needed to be attached using epoxy and I was waiting for another project to get to the epoxy state as well.  That has been achieved.

I'm also painting one of my personal armies to bring to ReaperCon so I've been working on those as well.  5 dwarf bear riders are well underway.  The bears are painted except for a couple of touchups where they were lying down and are currently letting their epoxy set as well.  See above for 'another project'.  This was it.

The bear riders need to be painted yet but now that I will be able to handle the model without fear of damaging the paint it will go much easier.

I also have 3 mancatcher models (nasty models with reach) that I started at paint night so those are the next ones up to be done.  I'd say they're close to 1/4 done already.  I'm such an optimist.

Terrain-wise I did get the final arena-in-trade pieces base coated but they need the touchups.  I'm hoping to get those done over the weekend even though it's a busy one.  That's looking for the holes and seams where the paint didn't get so it's kind of a finishing thing.  The drybrushing goes really quickly and his decorative painting is easy.

Also regarding terrain I'm stealing a really good idea from a friend and making mold masters for village houses.  The masters are completed walls with knuckle joints so I can pour an entire house in just a few pieces and assemble them quickly.  It's an easy way to build a village.  I'm currently making pieces in 4, 5 and 6 inch wall lengths so I can make some real variety.  I'm out of the 30 degree blocks that are great for the roof angles so I'll need to cast some of those to make the roof sections.  Gee, me having to cast more blocks to complete a project.  Who would have thought it?

Maybe pictures this weekend, maybe not.

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A few quick updates

March 29th, 2009 1 comment

I've still been busy finishing up the Razig undead pirates.  Their sergeant is done except for a couple of touchups and the lining.  The monster is more or less started.  I'm not sure if I'll make the self-imposed 'end of the month' deadline but I just might if I get on a painting binge.

I've also been working up my Warlord army list to participate in the tournament at ReaperCon.  I decided on the dwarf faction for a couple of reasons.  The main one is that two very good painters are working on a unit of adepts for me and I really want to field them.  That means making up an army to go around them.  That's fine – dwarf is one of my armies.  But that puts the elf army back some more.  I can live with that.

So I've been spending quite a bit of time prepping dwarf minis so I can get them primed ASAP.  The painting is next on the agenda.  I'll paint as many as I can and then field whatever is left nekkid.  It's tourney legal but I know a painted army fights better.  First up, the bear cavalry because they're so cool.

On a completely unrelated note I'm also getting back into soft crafts.  I'm making some linen handkerchiefs for myself (thank you best friend Karen for the linen scraps) and have picked up my tatting shuttle to make some lace for the edges.  If I'm going to be sobbing for no reason I'm going to do it in very nice linen and lace, thank you very much.  For those who don't understand the 'I'm getting old and cry for no reason' situation, be glad.

Finally I had started writing a rant that examined ingrained cultural beliefs, heritage, religion and civic responsibilities.  It was a pretty complex rant.  I stopped when I realized that even I wasn't interested in the thing.  But I will leave you with an anecdote that happened to me this week.

I was getting my hair cut and my eyebrows back into shapes other than mating catepillers when the stylist asked my nationality. I think it had to do with the amount of hair in my eyebrows.  I answered honestly – "American".  She realized what she asked and that my reaction meant that further discussion on the matter wasn't going to be the normal banter that happens.  I then went on to say my heritage is German, Polish and a little Italian.  I'll leave you that to think about when you're asked where you're from.

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Some undead pirates to start your week

March 23rd, 2009 No comments

I don't have the harpooners or the crewmen lined yet so they're not quite finished.  And of course, I used natural light so the pictures aren't the best.

Here's the zombies, nicely lined.

Crewmen.  I did a green wash over the skeleton parts to give it more of an aged look and to make it stand out from my future Necropolis army.

And the harpooners.  These guys made me say a few bad words since I had to put an extra color into the mix for their shirts.

I think the glowing green eyes really give the right impression, don't you?

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My nefarious plan

March 15th, 2009 No comments

Yes, I have one.  Unfortunately I can't share it just yet because Mr. Rastl reads my blog and he doesn't know what my nefarious plan is.  It's driving him nuts.

I've got an offsite commentary going on the progress of my nefarious plan and I'll post it when I'm able.

So nyah to you, Mr. Rastl.  If you thought you would catch me out here you were wrong.  This was part of my nefarious plan.

Otherwise nothing much.  I've got two of the skellies in the undead pirates almost done.  I did a green wash over them and it may have been a touch too heavy.  They're kind of green like the zombies now.  Oh well.  At least they won't blend into the Necropolis undead army.  I've got two more skellies to paint so I'll see if a thinner wash looks better on them.  And also their seargent even though he doesn't have as much bone showing as the grunts do.

I changed the toner cartridges in my printer and it seemed to fix the issues it was having with color streaks.  I turned off the 'low supplies, stop working' option so these cartridges were way beyond what the printer considers empty.  Oh, and my tri-color inkjet cartridge couldn't be refilled so I need to buy another one.  I'm going refilled on that one and see what happens.  I don't print out many pictures any more since it's so cheap to have them printed like real photos at the grocery store.  And it's not like the inkjet printer is still under warranty or anything.

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A very busy weekend, take 2.

March 9th, 2009 No comments

Vox ate my post when I was trying to confirm that a picture was actually what I thought it was.  This displeases me.

So you get a summary instead of the longer ramble.  It might actually not have been that bad of a thing.

Mr. Rastl worked hard all weekend to get his club website changed over from the existing static pages to a WordPress site.  We had tested it and got it functioning but once it was live there was lots of work to do to move the existing information over and structure it correctly.  To make it easier on both of us he worked on his computer in the dining room and I worked on making paper terrain at the other end of the table.  That way I was there if he had questions.

He was able to get the site up and working then found a theme he liked better and had me apply that for him.  A few tweaks later and he called it done.  Actually he said "I'm done" but it all works out the same.

I was able to start making some pieces from the World Works Games Gothic Realms set to use with my DungeonBash games.  The game provides tiles but these are just much cooler.  There's some inconsistencies between the tile sizes that came with the game and what comes with Gothic Realms but not enough to matter.  I have to do a couple of bashes to make it work better.  One of them I already did and that's the modification of the small corridor into a dead end.  Here's a couple of pics.

This is a long corridor, a corner and my dead end.  I didn't clip them together for this photo which is why there's some gaps.

Here's a bit of a closeup of the dead end that I made.  It's cooler in person and I hope to get much better pictures.

I also have another corner and a T intersection half completed.  Mostly completed.  Not assembled.

And after all this I was able to finish up painting the zombies.  They're not lined but they have all their paint on them.  Once more I'll say the lighting was less than optimal.

Click on any of the smaller pictures to bring up a larger image.  These are the ones where I painted all the leathers out of humanoid skin tones.  Ick.

Razig Zombies 04Razig Zombies 03Razig Zombies 01

So that's what I've accomplished.

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